I received a rumble email today from a Patriot MJ Truth. This post is a reminder that it is so easy to forget in what we have journeyed together. It is an amazing time. Each Q post is proving one of the quotes “the future proves the past” or it was worded something similar. Amazing how well planned this has been.

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I’m Seeing this clip float around now.
Oldie but Goodie. Details are important.

POTUS: “Do you guys know what this represents?”
Dirtbag Reporter: “Tell us sir”
POTUS: I don’t know, maybe the calm before the storm. We have the worlds great military people in this room right now.”
Dirtbag Reporter: What Storm Mr. President?
POTUS: “You’ll find out.”

Many people focus on what he says about the “Storm”, but…..

Some background a lot of people simply miss is the fact he asked, “do you know what “this” represents?”

The “this” he was referring to was Q.
Look at his hands. VERY First Air Q.

This happened on October 5, 2017…
The first drop was on October 28, 2017.

POTUS told us 23 days prior to the greatest Military Intelligence Operation the world has ever seen began, publicly.

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