Thanks to Derek Johnson the below posts on Telegram provide evidence that all is not what is seems.

Updates added: 23 April 2024

Which makes me comfy as because all the anons, myself included, became very concerned when Trump lost the 2020 election. As it turned out it was deliberate as part of the overall plan, as he remained CIC of the US Military.

The 3 cannon salute to Biden we’ve discovered is a funeral service. His family has confirmed he was executed in 2021, which will be officially released when the timing is right in regard to the overall plan. Just check out the Biden page on this site with all the “spot-the-difference” photos as 3 actors are playing him with masks on.

What is going on with the US Air Force reopening the runway that the WWII Atomic Bombs on to Japan?

Comments about this post to the right. Trump has a very high IQ doesn’t misspell words in error. They are usually clues linked to Q drops and what is really going on.

March 2023 Telegram Post by Rattletrap1776:

Misspelled Stolen. (This was discussed in another article at this site on 5 March 2023).

Stollen = CHRISTmas

CIC Trump at CPAC = “It’s April Fools Day” 👉🏻 7 times; 7 = Donald Trump.

April 3 = Christ Crucified

In the Netherlands, the origin of April Fools’ Day is often attributed to the Dutch victory in 1572 in the Capture of Brielle where, the Spanish Duke Álvarez de Toledo was defeated.

International Criminal Court this week said they were indicting Putin.

Who wrote an Executive Order against the ICC? 👉🏻 45

Who else is against the ICC? 👉🏻 Putin.

Who worked alongside Trump and didn’t start a war between one another? 👉🏻 Putin.

Where’s the ICC Headquarters? 👉🏻 The Hague, Netherlands.

What Aircraft have been in and out of U.S. for over two years now? 👉🏻 Netherlands.

The Hague Conventions = Law of War Manual, June 12, 2015, updated December 2016.

Who was your President? 👉🏻 45

He also said ‘Our Our’ twice = double plural.

The Storm in Here
Queen of Hearts
Til Armageddon, No Shalom
December Rapture
It’s over
Trump is back Cofefe

Stollen 😎⚡️Two L’s. If you know how to search older articles on here, look that breakdown up.

This is already under a Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan.

You have to know those to read between all these lines.

J6 is negated with Executive Order 13848. Negated can also be coined as: planned.

Pelosi “turning down” troops doesn’t mean troops weren’t called in.

They were. The ONLY one who can make that decision.

👉🏻 President.

The troops that showed up in January… were Federalized March 27, 2020, with Executive Order 13912 and April 30, 2020, with Executive Order 13919.

Via 10 USC §12406, §12302, §12304.

The latter two being the Reserves, where “Biden’s” two EOs from April and July 2023, are nowhere to be found in those as prescribed by legislation.

It still boils down to this… without knowing the basics of what’s in place via legislation and the original orders, the complexities and additives, will be read as cluster and “too much to grasp”.

But when ya know… we know don’t we? 😎🐂🇺🇸

Part One: This is the Executive Order (one of two) that came in the first 180-days from the clause in 50 United States Code Section §1550 which is the War Powers Act.

See that Title 10 in red box? If “Joe Biden” was President, the two EOs in April and July 2023 about Ready Reserves, would be the last amended sections of 10 USC §12302 and §12304.

They’re not. Executive Orders 13912 and 13919 are 👉🏻 DJT.

That’s how Legislation works. Not opinion.

EO 13912 Federalized with very key grammar ‘not to exceed’ 1,000,000 which means full strength under the declaration of war in the War Powers Act of 1973 on December 20, 2019, 3 months before.

This was March 27, 2020, when ALL the media asked DJT was he a Wartime President… why would they ask such a random question?

Certain Laws and Orders make a President a Wartime President not opinion.

The war is on all forms of trafficking also found in CIC DJTs Executive Orders with MULTIPLE articles about the Coast Guard and Drug Trafficking busts. 🔥

Part Two:

C101 = Coast Guard Senior Officials.

See that series of numbers after Title 10 in the red box?

Those are Coast Guard Codes being invoked.

They have not been revoked, rescinded, or revised, and zero joint resolutions as prescribed by law.

Also why “Biden” has extended ALL 11 Executive Orders with 11 National Emergencies by CIC DJT.

Also why “his” Executive Orders from April and July are Continuity of Operations Plan National Essential Functions.

You’ll hear some chatter out there: “we’ve always had COOP (COG) plans” – no crap SHERLOCK.

But they have never been invoked. Think how stupid it would be to not have a plan in place for catastrophic disasters.

Invoked is the keyword with codes.

Prescribed is a keyword with laws and orders.

Terminology matters. 😎🎯🇺🇸

Clandestine Operations are nothing new. They are for people who’ve never studied history and do not know much about laws and orders.

It’s okay not to and to just now discover laws and orders, not knocking anyone who doesn’t, just those with the attitudes.

DO NOT listen to fools who just want status, fame, publicity, and money, say this not what it means.

Those are the ones with attitudes using misinformation, defamation, slander, libel, blackmail and fraud, trying to discredit someone for simply showing people already passed, bipartisan, legislation.

I’ve taken everything put into place by legislation from 2016-2021, paired with those that were needed for the declaration in the War Powers Act of 1973, and condensed it down like a cliffnotes book.

That’s how your book will read. But it’s all from CIC DJT and legislation from 2021 back and how they pair.

These Acts have Acts, Codes, and Orders that all intertwine and pair with one another. It’s a LOT of information.

There’s no one who can match what I’ve read and studied and be able to break it down as fast without notes providing all the links from dot Gov and Mil sites.

Chaos + Division = Power Acquisition.

Anyone using misinformation, defamation, slander, and libel, are trying to divide and conquer for some kind of gain.

Legislation for your pocketbooks aka economy doesn’t require blackmail and fraud.

And if you like that kind of style, then you’re no different than the 💩 we’ve all been living under for all our lives.

Origin matters. That’s how legislation works. Legislation proves Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan in place simultaneously.

The reason why DJT “was right about everything” is because he never left. By learning the terms and basics of legislation, you’ll empower yourself to learn the complexities of this and how they pulled it off.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know how an engine works.

You don’t have to be an attorney to know the law.

Our Founders warned us about people like this because they fought and beat their asses.

The Declaration of Independence was written in the middle of the war, not before or after.

“We the people” equals we are the government.

They’re called Representatives because they represent us.

When you forget the language, they pull sheets over your heads and whisper sweet nothings in your ears using “the Constitution” and other words simply by the terms not the foundation and meaning, then take your $$$.

Laws and Orders are Legislation whether you like it or not.

Babe Ruth didn’t walk around telling everyone he was the Home Run King, he just was.

When someone says “he’s a liar” for showing already passed legislation, they’re insulting your intelligence, not mine.

I’ve already read. They’re incapable of reading THOUSANDS of pages and comprehending.

And 9.9/10 claim to be “Christians”… yet they’re using lies, misinformation, false information, false accusations, defamation, slander, libel, blackmail and fraud.

I’m glad I don’t serve their god. The big G is a lot bigger and different.

Think about it… when you buy a new product that requires many bolts, screws, and dimensions… do you yell at the person that doesn’t panic when they read it and know how to put it together?

Those that say “it doesn’t mean that” 👉🏻 don’t like CIC Trump. 🔥🐂🇺🇸

World War 2 History repeat 👉🏻 2nd War Powers Act, I’ve said and explained it for a while now 🐂🇺🇸

Telegram update April 23, 2024

If you’re mad that “Biden” said tomorrow will be a day for “Trans” not Easter… you’re still asleep.

That’s Drama and part of the distraction.

Donald Trump is lawfully the sitting President acting as a Commander-in-Chief in a Military Occupation.

Drama does not coincide with Laws and Orders especially Military Laws and Orders.

You can only choose one.

45 is acting CIC because that’s how Wartime President Laws and Orders operate not because it makes my little fuzzy butterflies flutter.

They flutter because I know the Laws and Orders that set that up. You can too.

The Military Occupation is proven with Chapter 12, on Capitulations. DJT made a famous tour around the world – coined the Capitulation Tour.

1st President in North Korea.
1st Foreign Leader in the Forbidden City of China in over 500 years.
The Sword Dance in Saudi Arabia.
Russia handing him the soccer ball.
And many more.

The Continuity of Operations are outlined in the Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 issued January 17 and June 13, 2017.

There’s been 10 publications under those two….

The most recent publication is December 15, 2023….

The whole Publication focuses on DJT’s Executive Order 13961.

The most RECENT piece of Legislative anything in the references is 2022 and has not one thing to do with “Biden.”

If “Biden” was a President… how come he has no law, act, sniff, or fart in a CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT publication?

EVERY reference comes from DJT administration.

Walk it on down…

The War Powers Act of 1973 is the amended War Powers from the original 1st and 2nd War Powers Acts of 1941 and 1942.

The War Powers Act of 1973 = Title 50 Chapter 33.

The President CAN declare war with National Emergencies found in Title 50 Chapter 33 Section 1621:,published%20in%20the%20Federal%20Register.

45 declared the Use of Military Force and Support of Partner Forces on December 20, 2019 with Title 50 Chapter 33 Section 1550:

Here’s the first line in that clause:

Not later than 180 days after December 20, 2019, and every 180 days thereafter, the President shall submit to the congressional defense committees

In the first 180-days… DJT

Declared a verbal National Emergency via Proclamation 9994 on March 13, 2020, and on March 27, 2020, FEDERALIZED 1 MILLION Reserve Components to Active-Duty via Executive Order 13912…

The only person who can Federalize the NG and R to Active-Duty is the President of the United States.

10 United States Code 12302:

10 United States Code 12304:

That is the ONLY time the National Guard and Reserve Components have been Federalized to Active-Duty.

And on April 30, 2020, DIRECTED the Secretary of Defense equal authority to Federalize.

The Border is a FEDERAL issue. Not a state issue.

Arkansas is NOT Texas. I just lost 17 brain cells typing that.

I don’t care what this pediddle journalist / article says… the Governor of Arkansas has power of the National Guard in STATE emergencies not Federal.

The President in a Wartime situation has extraordinary powers such as power of the media, TV, Radio, and Internet = 47 United States Code 606 actually titled WAR POWERS OF THE PRESIDENT.

The President can extend / expand his Powers as President via Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs)…

The Capitulation, the FCD Publications, Title 10 Federalization, NG in D.C.

The next post starts off a series of proofs that if you can’t see it – you never will and that is sad.

In other words, if you were run over by a bus and didn’t see it coming, we showed you proof of that by your broken legs in hospital, pictures of the dented bus and the bus driver apologising to you in hospital – and you are still not believing that a bus run over you (if you don’t get it after reading all the links and listening to all the video evidence). Am I kidding? No, I’ve met people exactly like this – total denial of reality.

in January 2021, National Guard in Texas, the Adjutant General of Texas with 45 on the Border on February 29, 2024, and a heap more prove a PEAD was used.

They show you daily who’s in charge… it’s up to you to learn the language and terminology.

Military’s separate from the Federal Government. Someday folks are gonna learn that.

45 is a Wartime President which comes with Wartime Powers all outlined in the Constitution and Legislation. 🐂🇺🇸

👇🏻 (
Continuity Policy, Doctrine and Guidance
Search below for Continuity documents, or view a list of authorities and references, such as Federal Continuity Directives.

The response: (Telegram Post by Derek Johnson)

Many of you may not know where I came from and that’s fine…

My first video that went viral… I annihilated LAZY ASS AMERICANS for the pathetic excuse of “education” ppl think they have.

When 68% of 332 million cannot name the 3 Branches of Government…

I don’t think you want to pop off with a lazy ass comment about something as simple as the border.

Many of you cannot comprehend a Military Operation because 1, you’ve never been in it, and 2, you cannot simple fkn say:


Much less tell what the *!?$ they do.

I wear a Memorial Bracelet daily for one of my brothers-in-arms.

That’s ONE bracelet of many, many of us Vets wear.

Every Veteran who raised their right hand, like myself, raised it under the same Title 10.

10 USC §502.

Military Occupation is found in Chapter 11 of the Law of War Manual… go fkn read and educate yourself and all of those hearts that liked some lazy ass who wants a microwave answer.

The laziness from many Americans are an atrocity. Microwave society wanting a quick answer.

Barely put the post up and Mr. Lazy Bones is already responding and other lazy asses.

Stop saying you support the Military when you won’t listen to someone laying out Military Operations with receipts of Military Laws and Orders.

Military Laws and Orders are separate from Federal.

You can find that in the Military Justice Act of 2016.

The Capitulation Tour by 45 pieces and outlines the Occupation underway.

Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2, January 17 and June 13, 2017, with 10 publications under those outlines the Continuity of Operations Plan aka COG.

The most recent Dec 15, 2023, all about Trump’s EO 13961, with the most recent reference being from 2022… nothing of “Biden’s”.

Not ONE single publication from 2021-2024 has anything from “Biden” in a Continuity of Government publication.

DJT declared a War in the War Powers Act of 1973 (Title 50 Ch 33 Section §1550) on December 20, 2019, the same day:

  1. Space Force was founded
  2. UCMJ overhauled with new laws
  3. Courts-Martial Handbook reissued
  4. Global Fragility Act passed

In that clause of §1550, it says: Not later than 180-days and every 180-days after 12-20-2019…

In the 1st 180-days 45:

  1. Proclamation 9994 with National Emergency on March 13, 2020
  2. Federalized 1 MILLION Reserves to Active-Duty via EO 13912 on March 27, 2020
  3. Directed Secretary of Defense equal authority to Federalize, 4/30/2020

The ONLY person who can Federalize the NG to Active-Duty is the President.

10 United States Codes §12302, §12304, and §12406.

That made 45 a Wartime President.

And there’s enough evidence via Military Laws and Orders, a PEAD or more were signed.

Those Powers don’t transfer and didn’t.

“Biden” received 3 Cannons at Arlington National Cemetery on January 20, 2021, not a 21-Gun Salute…

3 Cannons at Arlington is a FUNERAL SERVICE.

That’s Military CUSTOMS.

This video… is 45 on February 29, 2024…

That’s the Governor to HIS right and Adjutant General to HIS left.

The FIRST appearance the Adjutant General makes on TV is with the Government and “Former” President?


If DJT was a “Former” – this would be Election Interference which would go against his word and his own EO 13848 with a National Emergency that “Biden” has extended a year past its automatic termination (50 USC §1601).

The Adj Gen reports to the Governor UNLESS the National Guard are FEDERALIZED under Title 10.

Nebraska and Arkansas sending their NG to Texas this week prove Federalized.

MSM report the NG are using bean bags for ammo.

45 says over and over again the Border is Central Casting.

1 SEO for CC: Leading Background Actor Agency in United States.

Stop being lazy… learn Military Laws, Orders, Regulations, Customs, Optics, Comms, and Code language.

Stop seeking microwave answers and educate yourselves with what operates the Military and Federal Government not politics.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns 🐂🇺🇸

I’m not repenting for this. 💯🤷🏽‍♂️ #SentIt

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