I started off creating this article in April 2022 and finally decided today to make this go live.


I read an important Telegram post linking some patriots that will help you put all this together.

The Great Awakening is happening. Or another way of saying it – habbening is what we “anons” say, which you may understand one day if ever you get to go through all the anons comments.

I will link other important posts that will prove that this is Biblical – we cannot achieve the defeat of the cabal / illuminati on our own – we will need divine assistance which has been promised.

David Ashton webmaster
Video linked below

Rumble backup

The linked website in the above Telegram Post is available below.

Let’s see what happens.

To prove this is Biblical, Our Lady of La Salette has stated that she will destroy Freemasonry – and the timing (from other sources) – by 2038 – only a few years away now.

Need more proof this is biblical? Banned on YouTube: We got an intel drop from Big “Q” on March 18, 2019, from Medjugorje. It’s time to look at Medjugorje different, and time to look at the crisis in our nation different. Both Q’s are active, the Big “Q”ueen of Peace and the Little “Q”anon…

The below podcast is when I first heard about Q. Whilst qmap.pub has been removed as per normal where threats to the evil bastards must be silenced, qanon.pub is still online. There are other sites of course.

Tiny Q, Big Q [Podcast] Radio Wave Special World Report Feb. 14, 2019 – A Friend of Medjugorje shares what is happening behind the scenes, the calm before the storm, for a coming battle with evil. You will be shocked, awed and full of hope for the good to win.

Here are some recent posts about Q that are starting to connect the dots.

Video is below
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