Kelly Benjamin on March 9, 2020 at 5:28 pm

A comment left at lead me to writing this article today. In fact it isn’t written by me, I have just copied their comments. “Thanks for all your updates. I found something of interest. I know you are careful who you follow but I saw this short video and what sparked my mind was about 4:11 into it Ronald Reagan says pay close attention then some words pop on screen like “The World is Watching” then the date APRIL 17 2020. It would be interesting if this coincides with Q’s “HOT Spring/Summer” post.
Your thoughts?”

Rumble backup below.

A comment under this video on You Tube has been repeated here – Understand, we have a very litigious society. If all the accusations of child sex etc were NOT true, Hillary, Podesta and co. would be suing. Can’t have that though as lawsuits lead to “discovery.”

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