Kate advises (upon wide research) to learn to recognise the TERMS that ARTICULATE the ‘GLOBAL AGENDA’.


This may be via the ‘W.E.F STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE’ (See: link below).

Kate, also, made the point of articulating some of these ‘terms’.
• ‘Smart Cities’. S.M.A.R.T = Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology
• ‘Digital I.D’
• ‘Metaverse’
• ‘Digital’ infrastructure, such as ‘lighting’ & ‘surveillance’ (they the same thing!)
• ‘Data collection/storage’
• ‘Digital currency’
• ‘E.S.G Scores’
• ‘Carbon credits’
• ‘Food/agricultural transformations’
• ‘Synthetic biology’

Other TERMS that ARTICULATE the ‘GLOBAL AGENDA’, include:
• ‘Transformations’
• ‘Sustainable’
• ‘Disruption’
• ‘Inclusive/Inclusion’
• ‘Climate change’
• ‘Equitable’
• ‘One Health’



I was asked to put together a short video on how to go about researching global plans as they come into our towns and local council areas. There are many ways to research, and this is the way I do it. Sharing in the hope it is of assistance.
I believe we have to keep an eye on what is coming in to our towns and we have to try to stop it- slow it down as it descends. So we have to get to know what it looks like, the language used, and what it really means.

Kate Mason in relation to the above 13:41min video
See video directly above

Thetford are setting an example to follow

Let me know via helpdesk if screwtube deletes this and I’ll upload my backup
Let me know via helpdesk if screwtube deletes this and I’ll upload a backup
Youtube video above
See article below. Link in above post to Newcastle Herald is behind a paywall but I found a site with the full article and it is included in the pdf. Kate Mason has been onto this since at least 2015. I missed it at the time.

Video added 8th May 2023: Smart Cities Will Usher In TOTALITARIANISM: Utah Lt. Gov. FREAKS OUT When Asked About 15 Minute City

Smart Cities are the globalists’ next plan to empower governments and enslave humanity.
Jason Preston is here to talk about his confrontation with Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox about his support for 15 minute cities.
Lt. Governor Spencer Cox spoke at a luncheon last year and the focus of the event was to promote “Smart Cities”.
His reaction that was caught on video suggests he is trying to hide something.
The Lt. Governor also claimed he has never heard of the World Economic Forum and yet his website displayed a WEF photo.
The video was shot at Utah’s GOP state convention where Lt. Governor Cox was later booed when it was his time to speak.
Much of the Utah GOP has been co-opted by corrupt uni-party RINOS.
It is time to win back our states and put legal protections in place to fortify against federal overreach.
You can watch the Utah Lt. Governor’s full reaction at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFAdu2i9m3o
Watch this new segment NOW at https://StewPeters.com!

See this post as well, it links everything said above:

The ONLY Solution to the Great Reset:

Arrest them all, if we don’t we will all be dead.

If these Military Tribunals aren’t happening then I will ensure that Br Bugnolo plan is implemented. How will I do this? Under what authority. When the 10 secrets start I believe my life mission as an Apostle of Our Lady will be activated at that moment.
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