Dr Zelenko is 100% correct. Messianic intervention is coming via the 10 Secrets. It is just how many bodies will be taken out. Our Lady of La Salette promised that these evil people (satanists / masons / illuminati – whatever you want to call them) WILL be defeated. It is only a matter of time, and that time isn’t very far away. I believe when the USA rises and defeats these globalists, because they are evil they will chuck a tantrum like a 2 year old. If they can’t have what they want then neither can we, will be their response. They will then do something so evil, and I believe it may be a nuclear evil, then God will then intervene to stop the annihilation of the planet by ourselves. satan has stated that he desires to destroy the planet and everything living on it, and he is acting it out right now through evil people who are thinking they are doing it for themselves and their riches. But just like satan thought he won by killing Jesus, he was defeated by Jesus resurrection. I hope my interpretation of current events in relation to the prophetic messages I have read about is wrong. (Someone replied so I added this comment) I’m Catholic. The Prophetic 10 Secrets yes are in The Bible. However, I didn’t detail originally that I also refer to Saints who down through the years and also currently have received prophetic warnings direct from Jesus and his Mother at many and varied times. To prove these Saints really did receive the messages from Almighty God, when they died God made their bodies incorrupt. To those not understanding this, incorrupt means their bodies flesh did not whither away leaving a skeleton (as per normal). Their bodies are placed in viewable areas to prove not only is God real, but what they said was in fact from Jesus or Mary. Your reply makes sense Ronaldlees when looking at it from a man made view. However, God thinks totally different to us and I suspect when the 10 secrets start everything we all believe as real will disappear instantly destroying the hold satan had on us, reuniting us to not only God but to our nations, combining the world together for 1,000 years of peace. Not all people will believe (the fools mentioned in the bible) but permanent signs will be left around the planet as proof of what has just happened, for the benefit of this and future generations. We are in momentous biblical moments that will be 100% clear looking through a rear vision mirror.

David Ashton webmaster (above are copied from comments I posted in connection with part II of the video)

Sad Update 7 August 2022

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