And here is all the proof you need

This article is going to show you just a few of the many samples available from sources such as Telegram and websites that aren’t falling in line with the Tyrants. Keep coming back because more will be added as they come to light.

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It would have been nice to have some support from SkyNews when I was the first (and for a while) the only politician in the country publicly speaking out against the mandates, saying that masks were useless and just propaganda, putting forward the evidence to show that claims of ‘safe & effective’ were a lie.
It also would have been nice to have some support from Sky when I was introducing several private members bills into Federal Parliament that would have banned vaccine mandates in Australia.
But we’ll done to Rowan Dean for speaking out on Sky News.
And what of that complete clown-show from the AMA – this bloke should hand in his license. With such comments he has demonstrated he is unfit to be a doctor. Will AHPRA now suspend him for spreading misinformation ?
And Brett Sutton also should resign, he has blood-on-his-hands as a result of his ill informed and ignorantly dangerous comments.
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