This will not go well for the Tyrants running the World and Australia right now. Mask mandates do not work.

Not from a violence point of view because I never condone violence, but politically.

Everyone involved in politics right now will come under the microscope and be voted out. They will not be able to walk down the street without people yelling at them. In fact if they came into a shop I wouldn’t be surprised if they were refused entry.

Checkout the video today from Dan Bongino. Dan’s newsletter had these words “A rebellion is brewing in Australia over their draconian lockdowns” with a link to a story. Download the pdf version if the story is no longer available.

I use Telegram and these stupid politicians don’t realise that people worldwide are now awake to their shenanigans. At least 65-75% currently are now fully aware. They don’t trust politicians, the media nor anyone who is pushing Coronavirus down our throats.

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