Most people aren’t aware of what is really going on. I told my family today that the Coronavirus Pandemic will end on the USA Nov 3rd election day (based my Q post interpretations and other links at the time). My wife informed me today that restrictions are lifting across Australia.

Q posts and major post updates added to blog post March 8, 2022 as part of an update to posts / checking for bad links

Q Post 4587
Anons originally thought after the 2020 Election the narrative for the fake pandemic would go away. But reading post 4537 it is different.

Q Post 4537
I wrote the above comment thinking about post 4587. It is 2 years after now looking in hindsight.

The deleted tweet. It happens more often than not if Q references your tweet.

Nothing is ever deleted on the internet. Wayback Machine to the rescue again.

You can see why Q linked to this tweet and why they deleted it

Here is the actual link address inside the tweet. It is still live today however I have also saved the pdf below.

Reply tweets deleted on Baumanns account
I liked them so wanted to put them here

Reply tweets deleted on Baumanns account
I liked them so wanted to put them here

I asked My Wife today who does she believe or what is she hearing about who won the US election? It was the blue ones she said. I told her Trump will win**. Here’s a good video summary of what is really going on.

** added march 8, 2022 – he did win but massive cheating / fraud – this was in hindsight needed to drain the swamp.

The 2018 Executive order, within 45 days of the Election the DNI will provide……listen to the video to find out what is coming.

A video of the webpage mentioned in a Q post is below. (no sound)

These stories were published 2 December 2020.

In regard to the above “Barr” stories, the FAKE News have no idea what is really going on. Remember what Trump said in October 2017? “The Calm Before The Storm”.

Added link 5/10/2021 to Devolution which ties in nicely with this article. A Must Read.

Update 13 February 2022

(Media too big in telegram post – I have embedded it below) – or you can watch it on telegram of course!

Extract ep 2925b X22 Sting confirmed video added 15 November 2022

Ep. 3034b – Bait Taken, Hunters Now Become The Hunted, Precedent, Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened – 31 March 2023

X22 again references The Sting operation is now getting into full swing with the latest indictment of President Trump. I personally can’t wait for the Military Tribunals, because as they have said No one is above the law. It will be fascinating to look back at the predictions and links to Q when the cabal is finally put to rest.

David Ashton 1st April 2023 April Fools Month (isn’t that interesting).
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