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Fortunately, the majority did not goose-step with the will of our glorious misleader

The Voice was always a Geneva-conceived device to transfer Australian land and assets to the world’s Predator Class of Billionaires.

Stephen Reason

14 Oct 2023

It is DONE. They had dimmed their gaslights so low, that when pronounced at there brightest — there was no more gas. Announced six weeks and three days ago on the ominous eve of a rare blue supermoon, and conducted on the eve of the Northern Hemisphere’s October 14 annular solar eclipse, no amount of occult observance and arcane magic could prevent this karmic rebound.

Backup available on wayback machine – let me know via help desk if the UN ever deletes this video

It is not hyperbolic to stress that a great malevolence has been thwarted, and that a spell of ignorance has been broken. The Voice has been silenced, and the Silent Majority have defiantly found their voice! Never in our Nation’s history has a referendum been successful without bipartisan support. Since Federation, only 8 referendums have succeeded, and 36 have failed. This was the latest entirely foreseeable failure, and the most satisfying — failure number 37. The political pollsters were right in their foreshadowing — there was no unexpected “shock.”

Was. Three connecting lines and a circle: NO, have thwarted their Trojan cunning. And the light of truth. Australians everywhere have unanimously voted against enshrining The Voice in our Constitution. The counting has not yet concluded, but what is conclusive is that the YES Campaign has been absolutely routed, and the skulking UN Agenda has been royally walloped in its salivating maw. Monstrous teeth have been shattered in the shadows — once looming, but never to descend.

There will be no UN-WEF engineered land-grab today; no first paralysing bite; no unfettered opportunity to gorge gluttonously upon our Nation’s assets. We are winning, and in this instance, we have won. However, many still remain entirely unaware of the true enemy that was fought.On a superficial level, its was all ‘divisive,’ ‘racist’ and ‘risky,’ and the majority of Australians were receptive to these straightforward claims by the NO Campaign. Perhaps, this simple surface truth was all that was needed. There is no doubt that such direct campaign messaging was effective — it certainly resonated with everyday Australians.

Nevertheless, many still do not know what The Voice was actually about, despite being certain that it could not be trusted. Jacinta Price, as ‘Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians,’ and leader of Fair Australia, excelled at reinforcing such evident notions of concern, but she also skirted the real issue. Pauline Hanson did likewise. All their apparent objections to enshrining a Voice are undeniably true, but Price and the official NO Campaign never once addressed the primary purpose of this Referendum: it was always a Geneva-conceived device to transfer Australian land and assets to the world’s Predator Class of Billionaires.

The Voice is undeniably a product of Globalist land acquisition by subterfuge. Albanese was correct when he stated that, “It’s not my product,” and it is certainly not the product of any genuine council amongst Indigenous people. It was always “a product” produced by a corporate boardroom, a hostile-takeover attempt, a product of the Transnational Corporatocracy. The UN Globalists are currently attempting to exploit the world’s Indigenous (in this instance, the “Australian Aborigine”) as “the heart of their Agenda 2030,” as “the fulcrum” for ushering in their new Technocratic New World Order — and they have just failed in Australia. The 2007 “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)” was weaponised for this very purpose. It was always fundamentally this — with all other concerns being but trivialities in contrast.

They were coming for our farmlands, rural regions, forests, coastlines, river-ways, resources, livestock, harvests, precious minerals and metals — and then they would eventually abolish our private land rights by repatriating all our land to themselves via the decoy of the “Indigenous.” They were intending on “closing the gap” by systematically regressing Australia into a de-industrialised failed-nation. Rather than raising up the living standards of the underprivileged, these Globalists are striving to impose a pathological sense of “egalitarianism.”

They envision a world in which all Global Citizens are rendered “equal” — that is, equally impoverished, and equally enslaved, as the First World is collapsed to replicate the abysmal conditions of the Third World: hence, equal. They are not done yet, but the Australian people are done with this latest attempt.The communistic Native Title Act 1992; the “Welcome to Country” fakery to inculcate a sense of “intruder, invader, visitor” on every Australian-born resident; the preemptive Treaty Assemblies; the now exposed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Laws 2021, and the Juukan Gorge Hoax that precipitated it; the UNDRIP that brought forth the Voice, Treaty, Truth device of the sham “Uluru Statement from the Heart;” the 300,000+ fake Aboriginal claimers; the UN Agenda 21 that evolved into Agenda 2030 as informed by Schwab’s The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Transhumanism (all depopulation templates) — are all but the scaffolding of a meticulously constructed tyranny; however, in there totality, and in their arrogance, they have now failed to install the crucial capstone to their overarching land-grab agenda: The Voice.

Without The Voice, this gateway arch to their Australian Great Reset will topple sideways — and topple it has.The UN perpetrators had hoped to reap the harvest of generations who have been academically and culturally groomed by the Left’s sense of virtue. Indeed, many of the well-meaning white folk were predictably duped, but, fortunately, many more were not. They tried to divide us, and to weaken all successful resistance to their Progressive-Left pseudo-virtue cult — but a majority are now awake to the hysterical Woke. All manipulative appeals to “love,” “the right thing,” “atonement for guilt,” “white shame,” etcetera, failed to mask the general mistrust of the motives underpinning this proposed constitutional change.

They were scheming to get away with it all behind an appeal to virtue, and a “Blak facade.”Irrespective of who speaks in our Federal Parliament, the words have already been chosen by the Transnational Corporatocracy — the Indigenous Voice would have been no different. Australia is entirely owned, and our Federal Parliament is but a regional functionary for a consortium of oligarchical billionaires who claim ownership. However, a Treaty orchestrated by a token white figurehead would be incongruent, and would shatter the illusory spell of a supposed democracy.

The people still need to believe that they have genuine representation in their Parliament — or rebellion, and revolution might be the response. Only a token “Indigenous Voice” could get away with what a white Prime Minister could not: initiating a Treaty process that would eventually transfer Australia, and all Australian land, to a vast multinational network of megacorporations and their interests. This is how they were going to steal Australia:

  1. Instigate a token “return of land” of 80% of Australia to the Indigenous via the Native Title Act (50% already achieved, ongoing)Change the Australian Constitution to establish a controlled parallel parliament represented by an executive “Indigenous Voice.” (current failed agenda)Use the controlled Voice to literally divide-and-conquer by ratifying a Treaty, confiscating “stolen” and “sacred” land, and then re-allocating the carved-up country and its assets (via a Truth tribunal and the Native Title) to the exclusive ownership of Transnational Globalists. (now failed future project)

And they have just failed. In late September, the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit took place in New York. They now openly admit that their UN Agenda 2030 timeline is failing worldwide:

“The UN Chief Antonio Guterres delivered a dire warning to world leaders, reeling off a list of existential threats and bemoaning global failures to cooperate on solutions.[…]A top priority for Mr Guterres is a “rescue plan” for the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.The goals were set in 2015 and cover areas like hunger, poverty, gender equality and climate. But a recent UN report said just 15 per cent of the goals’ 140 specific targets were on track.Many of them are going in the wrong direction, and not one is expected to be achieved in the next seven years.”

So, only 15 per cent of the Agenda 2030 goals are on track. Now, with the failure of The Voice — make that 14 per cent.Indeed, this was supposed to be their moment to whip-crack and corral Australians toward their Agenda 2030, and the digital gulag it entails. Their executive traitor was in a Prime position, and they hoped to use vast sums of our tax dollars to disarm our better judgement. However, their bombardment of expensive propaganda had the effect of hokum pulp — easily dismissed, mostly ineffective, and blatant in its masking of a sinister lie.

Most Legacy media had duly observed the predictions of the pollsters, and had forewarned that it was over before it commenced. True support must have always been dismal, and to successfully promote a jarring “pseudo-reality” must have been impossible for these captured government-mouthpieces. They obviously knew that the Silent Majority (from their true undisclosed polls and tracking) would still outvote, and overwhelm all attempts at ballot chicanery and propaganda. It seems it was not so easy to rig the result, and to convincingly violate a Nation’s freewill.

Our Prime Fraudster cared not, for he could not stop. Anthony Albanese is synonymous with The Voice; he is The Voice, and The Voice is him — and all irksome vestiges of both will soon be torn down from their display in the public mind. “Albanese’s Folly” (aka The Voice), will surely signal his imminent political demise. The Trojan Referendum now burns outside the walls of Federal Parliament, the hulking-hull is aflame, having never been accepted as a gift, having never been wheeled within the executive chamber. The UN Marauders are similarly engulfed from within, hiding where they remain, still concealed, and utterly incapable of reversing their fate. They impotently rage as they burn.

All that was meticulously schemed over many decades was entirely dependent on a successful YES Campaign — and their plans have just gone up in smoke.Hundreds-of-millions have been wasted, real issues sidelined and neglected, time and energy misdirected and squandered — but not for naught. It was a battle amidst the ongoing Globalist war on us, and the Australian people have won. Their Agenda 2030 plans are in disarray, and that is a victory for all humanity.

We must never again lose focus on being one, and free.They needed “The Voice” to parasitically dissect Australia from within; they needed Truth to demoralise and degrade her people to acquiesce to the theft; they needed Treaty to void her sovereignty, and to seize her bountiful lands. Voice, Treaty, Truth. Yeah, nah — not today, not ever.

NOTE: this is the NINTH piece in a current sequence of NINE. This series of articles aims to expose the hidden agenda behind the ‘Voice to Parliament.’ It is not necessary to read each piece in published sequence, but it may benefit the reader to read each piece for a thorough overview, and to establish interconnecting context. The first piecesecond piecethird piecefourth piece fifth piecesixth pieceseventh piece, and eighth piece can be read here.)
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