Comment listed under Rumble video: Six years ago, Donald Trump stunned the world with his landmark Presidential win. As he embarked upon a war against the entrenched government bureaucracy, American Marxists and the Progressive Left, he exposed their hidden agenda to indoctrinate our kids and remake American society. His bruising style was criticized by many, even as his policies were lauded. Now, Mark showcases an eloquent argument in support of everything that Trump accomplished. And it sets the table for why Trump might still be the best candidate to run in 2024.

Bo Polny mentioned yesterday that DJT was the modern day Cyrus. So too did Friend of Medjugorje many years ago in his wise podcasts. When God is on your side, anyone who decides against God’s chosen is a foolish man indeed. I stated to my woke family recently, that you will realise very soon that Trump has saved America and the World from itself.

This is because I believe in Trump and what he stands for. If that means I’m a mans man, then guilty as charged sir. Enjoy the video as I did. I have added another one below that should inspire you a little.

My stance hasn’t changed, I believe that DJT will return long before 2024, Devolution is in play.

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Rumble Video

Trumps famous 2016 speech – one of many great speeches

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