History is going to reflect on this video in many different ways. Firstly, on it’s importance to motivate what was initially a small percentage of the population, it caused us to wake up from our slumber. Many including the website owner, didn’t care too much for politicians. They were all as bad as each other.

Then I discovered there was more to it than meets the eye, much much more.

With “Q” reminding us what was at stake, and now reflecting again our current situation, we who are awake know we are in a movie. Know there is a plan to defeat these evil people. We also know we will win in the end, which doesn’t make it any easier to live through it.

How many people knew what it would be like to live through World Wars 1 & 2, knowing in hindsight that you would win it? Yet here we are living through a War without us shooting at an enemy at the time of writing – this may change which will require God’s rare intervention in order to save us from ourselves.

David Ashton Website owner
The Q post as copied from qagg.news

The above Telegram Post prompted me to write this article today.

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