Why is Australia still pushing the Covid "vaccine" and masks, when the rest of the world isn't?

I couldn't resist - I just had to add this awesome video here. You awake now?

Extract episode 2078 The Dan Bongino Show Death Vaxxes what side are you on?

In this episode, I address the stunning revelation that there’s another devastating Biden tape waiting to drop. Full video here:

Dan's News Picks:
New Hunter Biden emails show deep involvement in the Burisma investigation.
A plan is under way to take a “wrecking ball” to the deep state if a Republican is elected.
News crew is robbed in Chicago while covering robberies.
The Associated Press is a disgrace to humankind.

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David Ashton

Welcome and enjoy. At the moment some fairly nefarious people don't want you to see this information, they have Trillions of dollars at stake and everyone knowing the truth will, dare I say bankrupt them. 

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