All right, moving on, folks two massive international stories involving both war and the global economy. Now, the first story, I was going to cover this yesterday and honestly, folks, I’m horrified. I didn’t, I should have covered it. We had a few minutes at the end of the show, but it required a more detailed analysis and I’m sitting home last night, give me inside baseball into my head. Because I don’t, you know, pretend to be the Content Curator better than anyone else. And I see Tucker covering the story last night, and I’m like, dammit, I knew it. I just had this feeling like you shouldn’t want with your instincts. I put it at the end of the show.

And I put it here to put it at the beginning. The stories about who hit the Nord Stream pipeline? I’m going to get to that in a second. That’s the important one because that was going to be on yesterday’s agenda and I passed it till today and I’m ticked off about it but this story, am I not going to blow another opportunity is huge for the global economy.

It may not seem so you may not hear about this on other shows. You may hear about it on Tucker. He follows this stuff pretty good. Tonight. Wall Street Journal. Don’t be deceived by the rather anodyne headline by way.

The Bank of England to buy bonds in a bid to stop spread of crisis. UK central bank is launching an effort to restore order to the market for gilts.

And like, what the hell cares what is that? This is a cataclysmic level story. Let me explain it very simply. If you want to flush an economy with money, and you’re the Bank of England or the central bank here, the Federal Reserve in the United States, one of the ways to do it, is to go and buy bonds, which injects money into the economy. It’s really no more complicated than that. The wonkerie of how it’s done. You can look it up. It’s not super complicated. You get it. You want to insert money into an economy, call it quantitative easing all kinds of names for it. You just buy a bunch of bonds. You’d create the money digitally and the money appears in the economy. No more complicated than that.

Now, you may be saying yourself reading this headline. Look at the date, folks. By the way, September 28 2022. Joe last time I checked that’s today Yeah, bank checking for two years ago. So I know what a lot of you are thinking.

So the United Kingdom right now, which is suffering an inflation crisis even worse than ours here. One of the ways to combat massive inflation here and around the world is to drain money out of the economy because there’s too much money chasing fewer goods. So you’re like Wait, am I reading that headline again? They’re about to buy bonds and inject more money in the economy. Yeah, baby. Spend that bread. Spread that bread. My daughter says they call it bread, money. These I don’t know. I’m not hip to the young people talk anymore. I’m old. I’m 47 Save the stock market baby. Screw grandma. You see what’s going on here.

So Liz Truss is the new prime minister. She’s relatively conservative by the United Kingdom standards. She said after Boris Johnson got the boot Truss is trying to move the country in a more conservative direction. Well, what’s going on here? I’m absolutely convinced that people in the the Central Bank and the Bank of England are trying to screw her over right now.

Their stock market and their financial market and their bond market are not doing great right now. So the Bank of England is flushing money into the economy in an effort to give like an artificial drug and do sugar high to the market over there.

Folks, listen to me. I’m I don’t want to regret starting to show with this. If we lose listeners I’m going to I’m going to be really angry. At myself. This is a huge story.

This is Financial suicide.

You understand what they’re doing in an effort to save the stock market quickly and make Truss look like an idiot in a massive inflation crisis? They’re flushing more money into the economy. You’re like, what? Yes. Now why does that matter? Well, because the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Their currency is on the verge of good it might collapse, the pound is already collapsing now against the US dollar.

This matters for you why? Well, what happens in the UK is going to spread around the world, home in the bond market, right? But it matters to you because I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen right before an election I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if the Biden White House starts putting pressure on Jerome Powell at the Fed to do the same damn thing here.

You know, that quantitative easing to buy into bonds. Maybe we double down on that. Give the stock market juice before the election.

Ladies and gentlemen it will cause an inflationary cascade like you’ve never seen. The currency will collapse. This is a huge story. Joe, another reason why. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. Now, that’s not the only major international story. I hope I didn’t bore you with that, folks. It is a lot fascinated by economics. I’m not sure if many of you are you cannot do this in the middle of an inflation crisis.