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First thing about protesters is, you know this is not just about being anti mandated vaccination. They are anti everything. They are anti lockdown. They are anti the shutdown on international travel. They are anti mask. They’re anti social distancing. They think that everything will be solved by taking a horse de worming tablet. ivermectin that gives that gives you the runs and put some people in hospital. They are literally in a fantasy world. So if they’ve taken mandated vaccination as a hook, so be it. But let’s not pretend that these are otherwise rational individuals. They’re absolutely wacky. So be it. But let’s not pretend that these are otherwise rational individuals they’re absolutely wacky.

Dr Paul Marik M.D. 1:00
Ivermectin is a drug which has been dispensed 3.7 billion times it’s changed the face of parasitic diseases on this planet. It’s probably the second most important drug ever invented. It is very safe. It’s very cheap. And it’s highly effective against SARS. cov.2

Dr. Sabine Hazan 1:19
ivermectin, my observation was that during the time of low oxygen in these patients, if you give them a high dose, their oxygen starts coming up. And that was my first observation. I had a patient who had like 63% within two hours, went up to 77. And then went up to like, 88%, right without oxygen, just giving him ivermectin, and it was 36 milligram that I gave him and it took all the courage for me to give it because this patient didn’t want to go to the hospital. And I didn’t want him dying. So I said, you know why just take 36 milligrams. So that moment that I gave the 36 milligrams and I observed oxygen going from 60 to 88. My brain went into maybe the Bifidobacterium, maybe it’s increasing the bifidobacteria and therefore the bifidobacteria in the colon or it’s sucking those cytokines that COVID secretes, which because it’s a really a cytokine flush, right? It’s an anaphylactic reaction almost right. So maybe they’re secreting the cytokines and maybe the patient’s has diarrhea, releasing cytokines pressure. So in other words, you’ve now removed some of the cytokines from the colon and patients will tell you they had diarrhea, and they start feeling better. So they have the diarrhea they start feeling better. What are you doing at that moment, the cytokines that were so high in the lungs circulate, right, they’re going into the blood vessels back to the colon, and then maybe picked up by the bifidobacteria and released you know, into the toilet essentially, but what is that mechanism of action doing to the cytokines in the in the lungs, is that it actually drops them allowing the patient to breathe. So I think that’s the mechanism of action that we’re seeing. That’s what I’ve been observing. Definitely, we have a paper coming out that’s in peer review right now looking at the microbiome and ivermectin, so I wouldn’t be just talking. You know, I’ve done my research. I mean, I

Meet Dr Sabine Hazan another whacky Doctor

Dr. Tess Lawrie 3:23
have to say, you know, this is such exciting news and, and really groundbreaking the work that you’re doing. So you’re saying that, that in ivermectin is like a probiotic,

Meet Dr Tess Lawrie another whacky Doctor

Brett Sutton 3:36
despite 234 doses of the vaccine. It’s not so good at preventing infection in the first place. So we are getting infected that that’s why we’ve had 10s of 1000s of cases in this wave.