And this is what they’re trying to do and the people are seeing this. Remember the curtain has been pulled back, the veil has been lifted. And you can see everything that’s going on now, especially what’s happening out in Ukraine. We can see the deep state players are panicking like we’ve never seen before. We have CIA Director John Brennan. He’s out there trying to push his disinformation like normal. Glenn Greenwald put this out and said:

And that’s exactly what they’re doing. As soon as they come out and say, Listen, we had the US the deep state players. We had nothing to do with the Nord Stream Pipeline leak whatsoever. We believe it was Russia. I mean, that’s all they ever do. They just say Russia, it’s Russia. That’s all they do. But I think the people now see the truth of the matter now.

Because now with Durham releasing information showing that Clinton was behind the Alpha bank hoax showing that hey, these people colluded with Russia. I think we’re gonna start to see a completely different story and everything that these disinformation agents have pushed like the hunter biden laptop isn’t real Russian disinformation. I think now, as we continue on, and the truth is continually coming out and people are seeing the truth that people are starting to see who the liars are who’s been feeding them disinformation.

And this is going to get worse and worse for them as time goes on. Now, what’s very interesting as we know, Putin, he had the people of the four different area areas against enhanced Kerrison. And another one, they voted themselves away just like Crimea did once the deep state players came in and overthrew the government, the elected government of that country, and they put in the puppet masters Putin came in and had the people vote Crimea away. And of course, during that period of time, what did they say, Oh, this is a sham election. It’s not real. The people really don’t want to, you know, go with Russia. But that wasn’t true whatsoever. The people actually did want to go the UN was on the ground watching the vote, and everything was on the up and up.

The same thing happened in these four different locations. And the people out in Russia, they are out there cheering Putin. Now remember, Putin is going to take care of his country. Trump is going to take care of his country. The resident is going to take care of the Deep State players because he doesn’t care about the country and all the other criminal syndicate leaders around the world. They don’t care about their country. They’re protecting and doing the bidding of the puppet masters. That’s what they’re doing.

And we can see that Putin is out there and he gave a very long speech. And he said the following:

Just like Trump is fighting for America to make America great again. But he said something very interesting here. Satanism, and if we go back to post 133 I’m gonna read the whole thing. This is November 11 2017. It says:

And it’s very interesting that he continually repeats this and let’s go back to post 1081. I’m going to read the top part here in this post and this is April 8 2018. It says the following:

And remember, Obama had us in Syria and Obama was controlling the Islamic State Trump came along and actually Putin came along too and they destroyed the Islamic State. And I do believe Putin is taking care of Russia. Trump is taking care of the United States, all the other criminal syndicate leaders, they’re not taking care of their countries. They’re beholden to the puppet masters. They’re the ones who are calling the shots. But since these areas voted themselves away in Ukraine, we can see Zelensky it seems like he jumped the gun. And he filled out the application to join NATO and NATO. They didn’t expect this to happen and they are panicking right now. And they’re trying to explain everything trying to save everything.

Now remember, I do you believe Putin is using the same tactic as Trump. Trump if you remember with North Korea with Kim Jong Un he called him Rocket Man back then. He said listen, if you do anything if you try to launch a missile on the United States we will destroy you. If you notice Putin is using the same exact tactic. If you try to do anything against Russia, we will destroy the deep state. We will use our weapons against you. Now I do believe this is going to build up and build up and build up Do I think NATO is going to do anything do I think the bight administration is going to do anything I don’t think Biden has the ability to do anything. And I do believe this is going to be maybe the scare event where Trump he’s already leading in that we’re going to be heading into World War Three. We’re going to be heading into a nuclear catastrophe. And I wonder if this is going to build up and NATO and the Biden ministration because of devolution. I don’t think the biden administration can do anything. I don’t think NATO is going to do anything but I think the European countries out there are gonna say yes, let’s get into a nuclear war. But I do believe Trump, he is going to be stepping in and I think he’s going to calm the entire situation down. Now when we’re thinking of Ukraine. Let’s think of post 4822 This is October 7 2020. Coming up on a two year delta:

Now this was put out on October 7 2020. This was before the elections. Q was letting us know what happens if this happens. And if you notice everything is centered around Ukraine, who has been involved with Ukraine? John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Obama, Mueller, you name it, James Comey you name it. Yes, Fiona Hill, yes, Nuland. I mean the list goes on and on and on. And if you notice, all eyes are on Ukraine.

Do you think this is being done as a coincidence so that all of this is happening or was this part of the plan from the very, very beginning? Everything has been coordinated, to bring everything to this location? I do believe it has been coordinated and people now are watching this very, very carefully. And the other thing that they’re watching very carefully, was the hurricane Ian.

If you notice, we had all the news. We had occupied Democrats and everyone else. If you notice, they wanted death and destruction here in Florida to get back at the senators and they wanted death. And destruction against Trump and his home. And these people are actually really, really sick and the fake news. They kept pushing this because what do they really want? They really wanted death and destruction. Because they believe that DeSantis and Trump they deserve it.

How sick are these people? I mean, I think people are watching this going. I can’t believe what I’m hearing now.

Aren’t we all Americans? Aren’t don’t we all live in this country? Don’t we want freedom? I think the majority of the people, they want freedom. They want to be left alone. They don’t want big government. They don’t want the government telling them what to do. They don’t want the government to track them. And now people are seeing it all. And people are watching these sick people because they are sick.