Thanks to Q, I am all over the truth. The real truth. I’ve told you heaps of times to stop believing lying voices.

This story below from today is no different. It is total crap.

Q’s post 3793 links to a developing story. This links to his twitter account, and from there you can go direct to the website with the story (Ukraine) that matters. I’ve mentioned Ukraine before – this story will shock you if you believe the media.

Todays’ story starts below with the link to the bullshit, total crap article. Once you listen to the videos linked above, your worldview will change forever towards truth.

Donald Trump demanded the dismissal of Marie Yovanovitch, the ambassador to Ukraine and a key figure in the president’s impeachment trial, according to a video recording released to US media on Saturday.

Updated 4th May 2021 – This post originally pointed to a MSN link which has been removed. Fortunately the fake news media just copy each other all over the world so it was a cinch to find another website. This time I have also saved it as a pdf.

There is a lot of tyrannical things going on, so throughout this website and even this page, anything that Q has linked to has been deleted from the internet, because they need to hide the truth. funny thing is, it isn’t working. It just makes people more curious. They should have left everything alone and there might have been a different outcome. Nothing can stop what is coming – nothing.

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