I couldn’t believe my ears today when these two Telegram posts appeared.

Elon tells you why and the ex employee, doesn’t have a clue about responsibility. If you order, as someone who is a supervisor over you, to do something then the man / woman who gave that order is primarily responsible.

If it was illegal then the employee has a choice, allow my morals to be overridden or to defend them.

Have you ever heard of a saying “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?”

And one final note, after watching the video you know this poor soul who just got fired is brainwashed. He called the USA a democracy. It is in fact a Republic, that is crumbling due to idiots like this fella. The USA uses democratic processes for voting as one example (though they are rigged like the whole worlds are right now), but a Republic is totally different where rule of law is king.

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