As reported in a previous post Canadians are Leading the World.

This post is from Melanie so I have recorded her twitter page below where the video is available.

I have copied the video below as a backup, just in case the “live link” inside the telegram post above is deleted by twitter.

The Media are trying it on. The Great Awakening!!

The fake news is desperately trying to spin the narrative of what’s happening with the Great Awakening up in Canada. They are doubling down on trying to paint the truckers as a ‘fringe minority’.

“These truckers in Canada are 90% vaccinated, far higher than the actual Canadian population, which is 80% vaccinated… So these truckers are the fringe of the fringe, both of Canadian society and the trucking industry… These guys are sort of on the outsides of popular opinion.”

Take joy in watching these weasels squirm. This is what winning looks like 🙌🏼

Backup of the video below.

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