Breaking News Update 7 November 2022. New video added from Praying Medic about Ukraine and the Q post. Jump to the bottom of the page and watch it.

Learn how Politicians pay themselves via book deals. You didn’t think that money sent overseas as Foreign Aid (It’s called Foreign Aid in Australia – Humanitarian Aid in the USA) was for that reason did you? (aiding the foreign country) Your wake up call starts here. I have backups of the videos so let me know via support if these are removed by communist Screw Tube, and I’ll reload my copies.

Q informed us from post 3603. Use as has been doxxed. The link to Youtube is still up at time of updating this page 12th August 2021 (I’m amazed) – because this is mentioned by Q.

Update: disappeared off the internet for around 1 week. It is back now but different web address. Why? You can connect the dots…….

This next video is a good preview of the 3 videos below it, before you invest the many hours learning about all this.

Before we get to the 3 Glenn Beck documentaries, come back here and reread these because this information will make sense AFTER you have watched Glenn’s videos:

Video below is where this link points to
Q reminded us often the real reason behind the Democrats acting the way they do.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle added 17 February 2020

Some Telegram posts added today 23 February 2022. Why? You’ll know why if you have watched the above video series.

See video below

No Telegram account? The video is posted below.

See video below

No Telegram account? The video is posted below.

No telegram? Video posted below…….

Video is below

X22 seems to be onto something here…..

Visit X22 Report website….

George Soros has an ever growing article dedicated to him. He should stop getting people to take stuff down off the internet and drawing attention to himself.

No Telegram? 3 x videos posted below…..

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The following telegram post has been included on another page “Ukraine What Is Really Going On”, but is equally at home here:

Update 7 November 2022. Praying Medic adds a video about the latest Q post. It has explanations about Ukraine that will help you understand everything

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