With the situation in Ukraine changing daily, it is hard to know the truth if you are only watching the Main Stream Media.

Many other sources are telling the truth and this one – X22 – is linking Ukraine back to Q posts.

Fortunately I have been a Q follower since 2019 and have discovered many people who put all the dots together.

Check out the previous posts about Nordstream – they are linked.


Rumble: Extract of episode 2888b is below

Transcript of extract is below:

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  • I’m still in shock.
  • CBS just showed a video of a little Ukrainian lady, housing some of the most deadly pathogens known to man, in a residential area where her only security is a senile dog… and she admits that if one were to get out, it would be catastrophic… and this is supposed to make us feel safer?
  • They just shut down the world for 2 years over a man-made virus that leaked from a lab… and these people expect us to trust grandma and her dog with Cholera and Anthrax?




  • Look at this propaganda piece dropped by CBS today! It’s a story about the Biolabs in Ukraine!
  • The biolabs they said didn’t exist, but now they do.
  • In the video they repeatedly use buzzwords like “debunked” and “baseless” when referring to the accusations of Biological weapons, and then in the same breath, admit that they are housing some of the most deadly pathogens on earth.
  • These propagandists don’t want you to recognize that THE PATHOGEN IS THE WEAPON!

Update 30 January 2023 – Vladimir Putin in his own words

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