I will progressively add telegram posts and videos to update page but have a listen to McCullough discuss childrens vaccines in the video. As the telegram article says, don’t dismiss these men, have a listen. The lives of your children depend on it.

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Video from x22report.com added 8th April 2022

Back in October 2021 this was reported about Midazolam

Screenshot of link from the above Telegram post

I have a backup of this video, let me know if it is taken down:

Midazolam, the end of life drug, was bought in vast qualities by Hancock and the UK government and was used in the spring of 2020 in quantities never seen before to murder old people en masse and call it the ‘first wave’ of ‘Covid’ – here is the scandal in the words of many people starting with the exchange between Conservative MP Dr Luke Evans and Hancock in which the scam was revealed beforehand in the official language of the UK parliament

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