Let’s call this what it is. Climate Communism.

Peter Imanuelsen Dec 4

What do you do when you are in the middle of an energy crisis and massive inflation causing food prices to go up and up and up?

If you are the Dutch government, then you come up with the genius idea of forcing thousands of farmers to loose their livelihoods and close down!

Yes, the Dutch state has announced that they plan to seize some 3000 privately owned farms by forcing them to sell their land to the state, and then just shut them down.

Farmers and the government has been in dispute for months over the new climate goals that will force thousands of farmers to sell their land to the state.

Now the state has come with an ultimatum – The state will offer some 3000 farms to money to sell their farms to the state, and if they don’t agree, the buyouts could become compulsory. In other words, the state essentially seizing the land belonging to farmers.

”These reductions are so severe that those rural communities will be totally devastated economically” said Sander van Diepen, a spokesperson for LTO Nederland.

But this is just the beginning.

The government has estimated that in total, some 11 200 farms will have to close in order to meet the new climate goals, and another 17 600 farms will have to significantly reduce their livestock numbers. This is absolutely insane. This is climate tyranny in action.

The farmers have not been reacting all too gladly to this news, with farmers taking to the streets to protest, using their tractors to blockade. The police have already used heavy machinery to tip over tractors with farmers inside. When farmers stood peacefully to protest, police swept in and threw them in black vans.

Backup available at https://www.bitchute.com/video/VDu8lKnqR08D/

This isn’t the first time that Dutch police have behaved violently towards peaceful protesters, just a few months ago when tens of thousands of farmers protested, police shot at a farmers kid for seemingly no reason at all other than peacefully driving in his tractor.


And you can never guess what happens next…

The reason for the state planning on essentially seizing farms is because the Netherlands must halve its nitrogen emissions by 2030. Wait a minute now, 2030, where have I heard about that before…

Ah yes, there is something called the Agenda 2030 which is sounds very much like a globalist manifesto. In case you didn’t know, Bill Gates recently committed $1.27 billion towards funding the UN Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals” – And part of that is for GLOBAL DIGITAL ID!

This is all just a part of The Great Reset agenda. I did an in-depth investigation about Agenda 2030 and Bill Gates involvement in my previous Substack article here:


Many of the farms in the Netherlands are family run and have been handed down for generations. They survived the German occupation only now to be seized by their own government under the excuse of climate change.

This is tyranny. The last time something like this happened under Mao and Stalin, millions of people died from starvation.

I have said this before and I will say it again. This is Climate Communism.

And just like with the covid lockdown protests, the media has been largely ignoring the massive farmers protest in the Netherlands.

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Inside the Superbrands : Episode 1 Heinz

With the Netherlands Government stealing 3,000 farms from their citizens, I thought this documentary was interesting having discovered it today – Heinz manufactures 85% of it’s Ketchup in Netherlands as mentioned in the video. This could be very interesting for this company.

Go to the 15 min mark re: mention of Netherland manufacturing of Ketchup.

I certainly hope this false hope story isn’t true.

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