I am monitoring this report and will report back if confirmed. Seeing the WA Premier is involved, I wouldn’t be surprised, watch the funny video that embarrassed him worldwide. Update 25 October 2022: Again I remind all that this website reports truth, and corrects any mistakes reported, therefore I report that it appears to be a bullshit story, as written by the Cairns News editor. If there are any corrections or the truth does come later, rest assured you will be notified.

David Ashton webmaster

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We received an unverified report of un-vaxxed people being forced to take Covid jabs by police at gunpoint at Armadale, 30 klms from Perth CBD in Western Australia. If any of our WA readers can verify this report please send a comment.

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Now You Know Why The Government Took Our Guns Away, To Make Sure We Have No Way Of Defending Ourselves! All You Need To Get A Gun Is A Hammer! An Albanian Wise Man Once Said.

 | October 23, 2022 at 7:05 pm

I asked a friend in Perth and this was the reply ”
‘Recorded message doing the rounds yesterday was untrue, no one was removed from their home in Armadale and forcibly vaccinated in Rotary Park, however beginning on Thursday 13th October a group of govco employees were door knocking at selected homes and units in the streets around Rotary park, intimidating and coercing vulnerable people to allow them in to their homes to be jabbed, under the threat of centreline payments being stopped if they and children in their care were not up to date with shots. Several people were jabbed in their own home due to the harassment, intimidation and coercive measures by these so called health dept workers, so no guns or police but might as well have been as their mode of intimidation and coercion got the same result’ and more “The new Bill passed in WA is appalling and allows anyone authorised by the police commission to force entry without a warrant into anyone’s home or vehicle, to take whatever property they like, to remove persons and detain them indefinitely and to perform ‘a medical procedure’ on them! “

Charlie Skele
 | October 23, 2022 at 7:04 pm


Click on some of the documents. Web pages updated Sept 2022.

And didn’t they also just pass other legislation giving police greater powers ?

Maybe it is because they have been lying all along about vaccination rates and just tweaking the figures all the time.

From the Department of Health.

From 7 October 2022, we are updating the COVID-19 vaccination reporting. The updates will provide more accurate and timely reporting of the level of protection in the population.
The changes include:
using the latest release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Estimated Residential Population (2021) in our coverage calculations for the general population
removing people who are no longer in the scope of the vaccination rollout from coverage calculations (for example, people who are deceased or who have permanently left Australia)
counting vaccinations by overseas brands that are recognised by the TGA and recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register.

Total national doses
Total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered since the start of the rollout in February 2021.
Data as at: 19 October 2022

Total vaccine doses administered nationally

Vaccine doses reported in the last week

Fourth doses
Australians considered most at risk of severe illness and those aged 30 and over are eligible to receive a fourth dose 3 months after their third dose. Coverage statistics and detailed cohort information can be accessed in the detailed reporting.
Data as at: 19 October 2022

People aged 16+ with 4 doses

Number of vaccinated people aged 16 or over at time of reporting.
Coverage percentages are calculated using Estimated Residential Population (ERP) for first and second doses. Consideration is given to timing and eligibility for third dose statistics.
Data as at: 19 October 2022

People aged 16+ with at least 1 dose

People aged 16+ with 2 doses

People aged 16+ with 3 doses

People aged 16+ with at least 1 dose

People aged 16+ with 2 doses

People aged 16+ with 3 doses

Population aged 16+ eligible for a 3rd dose

People aged 5 to 15
Number of vaccinated people aged 5 to 15 years old at time of reporting.
Data as at: 19 October 2022

People aged 5-15 with at least 1 dose

People aged 5-15 with 2 doses

Vaccine coverage by jurisdiction – people aged 16 and over
Coverage statistics are calculated using residential information. The National total will not equal the sum of the listed states and territories due to a number of people residing in Other territories or with missing residential information.
Jurisdiction People with at least one dose % People with at least one dose People with two doses % People with two doses People with three dose % People eligible with three doses People with four doses % People eligible with four doses (aged 30+)
National 20,044,208 97.2% 19,763,651 95.8% 14,255,612 72.2% 4,967,069 41.5%
NSW 6,305,705 96.9% 6,224,040 95.7% 4,365,654 70.2% 1,590,585 43.1%
VIC 5,159,480 97.7% 5,099,655 96.6% 3,786,988 74.3% 1,230,362 39.1%
QLD 3,863,518 92.9% 3,807,373 91.5% 2,478,649 65.2% 952,040 44.6%
WA 2,095,875 95.9% 2,070,024 94.7% 1,727,199 83.5% 507,790 35.8%
SA 1,372,513 93.3% 1,347,451 91.6% 1,023,631 76.1% 391,763 45.3%
TAS 442,591 95.1% 434,942 93.4% 324,355 74.7% 133,643 48.1%
ACT 352,759 96.7% 347,903 95.4% 280,321 80.6% 105,434 45.9%
NT 171,425 88.7% 167,557 86.7% 133,212 79.6% 25,783 24.5%

Jurisdictional data
Administration state and territory breakdown indicates the state or territory in which a vaccine dose was administered and may differ from residential location.
Jurisdiction Doses administered Vaccine doses reported in the last week
National 63,865,635 58,438
NSW 19,806,526 16,782
VIC 16,627,915 12,504
QLD 12,059,809 10,414
WA 6,961,839 5,440
SA 4,452,489 5,340
ACT 1,885,425 6,352
TAS 1,452,012 1,205
NT 619,620 401

Now supposed population data from ABS. Again copied and pasted.

Australia’s population was 25,890,773 people at 31 March 2022.

Annual population change

All states and territories had positive population growth over the year ending 31 March 2022.
Queensland had the highest growth rate (1.8%).
Northern Territory had the smallest growth rate (0.4%).
Population at 31 Mar 2022 (‘000) Change over previous year (‘000) Change over previous year (%)
New South Wales 8130.1 44.4 0.5
Victoria 6593.3 41.5 0.6
Queensland 5296.1 92.1 1.8
South Australia 1815.5 15.4 0.9
Western Australia 2773.4 32.2 1.2
Tasmania 571.2 4.1 0.7
Northern Territory 250.4 1.0 0.4
Australian Capital Territory 455.9 3.4 0.7
Australia (a) 25890.8 234.1 0.9

The way they are presenting the data is almost near impossible to get to add up. They just keep changing it. And their bloody qualifying notes to put you off the track of their accuracy or inaccuracy.

I will post links separately later.

And I posted the population statistics because if you look at the data supposedly Tasmania’s population has grown by approx 60,000 in 6 years. Yet average increase around 3,000 a year. In 2016 was estimated again word estimated around 519,000. 6 x 3 = 18. So at estimate Tas population should be approx 537k. Where did the others come from???? Also close to 1.5 million doses supposedly in Tassie, for those categorised as eligible. (Including 30+ . Fourth doses) Yet percentage doesn’t equate to those age groups. Check out your own state. WA is lying plain and simple.

 | October 23, 2022 at 6:31 pm
screenshot of ABS website

Dear readers,
If this is true, Then this is potential murder by Mr Mark Mc Gowan who does not know that The Nuremberg Code of 1947 forbids all medical experiments on humans without these peoples full and free informed consent. This also makes any policeman and Mr Mc Gowan’s orders tantamount to the same evil that wicked Nazi Dr Joseph Mengele exacted on his victims when Dr Joseph Mengele was in charge of the evil Nazi Medical Experiments on the Jewish and political prisoners in Hitler’s 2nd World War Death Camps. In Dachau in Germany and in Marionblad in Poland, and in hundreds of other Nazi death Camps both in Germany and Poland.

Richard Leschen,
Student of Common Law, Medicine and Human Ethics. 

I will just say this. Regardless of the authenticity of the claims the fact that I was not surprised to hear them says everything you need to know about my opinion of how this country has devolved over the last three years. Quite frankly, nothing will surprise me anymore. I think of all the terrifying and horrific acts from history that Governments have perpetrated upon their citizens and I simply now wait till they all happen in Australia.

Jon | October 25, 2022 at 3:59 am

Forced jabs in WA apparently disinformation

Editor, cairnsnews Oct 24 Thank you to the numerous readers who responded to our request for confirmation of a story doing the rounds that un-vaxxed people were being forcibly jabbed in Armadale, Western Australia.While it is well known that Labor Premier McGowan would be quite capable of enforcing Covid jabs the overall consensus is that it is not true.

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