Our Lady is here because we are in an antichrist system now. It’s blatant, clearly, and Our Lady even tells us, October 25, 2021…She’s talking about the situation now and what they plan for us. She says, quote,

“…they want to put you in chains and to use you…”

It’s not just in chains. They’re going to use you for their purpose.

And She continues,

“…it is not from God…”

If what’s happening in the system now is not from God, what is anti-God? It is antichrist!

Our Lady stated on October 25, 2021

Our Lady gave a message on January 24, 1985. She said,

“…By prayer you can completely disarm him…”

Speaking about satan.

Not maybe. Completely!

Our Lady stated on January 24, 1985

On May 2nd, Our Lady said, 2009,

“…Do not permit darkness to envelop you. From the depth of your heart cry out for my Son. His Name disperses even the greatest darkness…”

The world is not going to bring more light. It depends on you.

We see the road that we’re walking right now is perdition for many people. And the more we get stronger, the more light, the more we’ll be hated.

Our Lady stated May 2, 2009

I placed Our Lady’s comments above because Dan Bongino is confirming what she has already warned us about. Her words are bold print.

David Ashton webmaster
The Answer Hasn’t Changed from August 18, 2022 mej.com

Transcript of the initial 18 mins of Dan’s rumble video (below).

Dan Bongino

Don’t get too excited about the judge order and the release of the affidavit because there’s a problem here. The FBI is not dumb. This is a point counterpoint game going on right now. You got to play chess, not checkers first, the great resets here. I love it as nothing I love more than when I read a piece in an established outlet like the Wall Street Journal by a guy like John Tierney.

There’s nothing I like more when they say something I’ve said already. It proves to me a couple of things. Number one that I’m not alone. Number two that other smart people are thinking the same thing. And number three, that I’m probably right. What have I always told you about the great reset crowd?

What is the great reset? Well, let’s reset make sure you know that the great reset is a term used by globalist authoritarians. They want a new global order whatever you want to call it, “it’s a conspiracy theory” they write books about it. This the the chairman of the WEF the guy who runs the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab actually wrote a book called The Great Reset. They want nothing more than to dump representative democracy and force upon you a more authoritarian future.

Governments around the world will tell you what to do, you shut your mouth and do it. Everybody dig?

Yesterday, I was going through some material for the show and I see this beautiful piece of the Wall Street Journal. Fauci and Rochelle Walensky from the CDC, of course, double down on their failed COVID response.

The gist of the article is this: Now that the data is out about mask mandates and the failure of the vaccine to stop transmission of the virus, right, you would think right in a world of supposedly populated by reason and the use of science that we would look at the science and say, Hey, that didn’t work.

The piece is fantastic. He talks about how counties and cities with mask mandates fared no better than County cities and states that didn’t have a mask mandate. Matter of fact, some of them fared worse, talks about the vaccine and how the vaccine didn’t stop transmission. And it talks about how now Walensky and all them, they want to reform the CDC but there’s almost no talk of pulling back on the mandate.

Which is weird because it’s supposed to be about the science right? (inaudbile) Because what did I tell you guys what I tell you, but do you ever notice there’s only two acceptable narratives on COVID – we haven’t discussed this at all did I know you see this?

There’s only two things in the liberal media we’re allowed to talk about

  • how awesome vaccine mandates are and
  • how masks are wonderful.

That’s it. Well, why is that? What are those two things have in common? They’re both mandates.

And if you’re a great resetter look that there you’re laughing because he enjoys like, okay, Dan, I hear this so I know but some people maybe not digesting. The mandate portion is all forget they don’t care about the vaccine or the mask.

I’m going to prove to you in a second they know they don’t work the mask.

I’m going to prove to you in a second and an Axios piece. They know they don’t work. They know the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission because many of them got the vaccine, and many of them got COVID

It’s not the facts of the mask. It’s the mandate portion they need to soften you up folks. If you fight back against mandates, whether it’s a vaccine or a mask mandate now, then what about the mandates in the future they plan on implementing in their great reset where everything’s going to be top down? This piece talks about how not only are Fauci and Walensky not reforming the idea that lockdowns were a disaster and they’re actually suggesting Joe, if there’s a another pandemic that the lockdowns that didn’t work the first time should be worse.

Yeah, that’s yet to be because that’s the main basis they want you to shut your freaking mouth and listen to them.

This was a test run.

Here. This is just a beautiful paragraph from the piece.

John Tierney lock downs and mask mandates were the most radical experiment in the history of public health. But Walensky isn’t alone in thinking they failed because they didn’t go far enough. Fauci recently said that there should have been much much more stringent restrictions folks early in the pandemic, despite the fact they totally failed. The who is revising its official guidance call for stricter lockdown measures in the next pandemic. It’s even seeking a new treaty that would compel nations to adopt them. We covered this a while ago. The World Economic Forum hails the COVID lock downs as the model for a great reset, empowering technocrats to dictate policies worldwide. John Tierney beautiful, beautiful piece of work.

If you’re a listener of this show, and this isn’t your first time here you know we have been saying exactly this. Whether the science backs lockdowns mandating you stay home I should add that as the third acceptable narrative stay home and praise lockdown. Whether the science backs vaccine mandates or whether the science backs mask mandates.

Do you understand is totally 100% irrelevant? Because it’s not about the science. It’s about the great reset away from global democracy spread and into global authoritarianism which is always been the goal of the socialist and the communist. They don’t care. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, Joe. They don’t care has nothing to do with science.

Hey Fauci. The lockdowns didn’t work. matter of a fact Sweden which didn’t lock down fared better than most countries. What are you an idiot? I’m not here for the science. I’m here for the mandates of the lockdowns. What are you so kind of you some kind of a jerk? What do you think we are nerds quote that kid rocky four the great reset is here.

COVID was a vehicle for them. It was a never let a crisis go to waste moment. But you got to understand for the great reset to work, people have to be terrified to speak out. Please follow me. People who got the vaccine got COVID Not all but lots of them. Many of them got the vaccine, got double boosted maybe considering another booster and didn’t only get COVID once they got to twice.

So let me ask you guys something if they got vaccinated and got boosted and then got COVID twice, how would they know that? It’s not a trick question.

Because they were there because it was them didn’t catch Gee said did Fauci get covid? he did. Not laughing at Gee, but he’s right. Fauci himself knows the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting COVID. I got COVID twice after the vaccine, which believe me I regret getting that thing.

So if all these people know this, because I’m not crazy, it wasn’t a trick question. They were there. How is it that they keep talking about how great this is?

Because for the reset to work, people have to be terrified to speak out. Now, do you understand the role of cancel culture, censorship, media pressure, politically correct. Now do you understand the role of speech censorship, and the media creating an environment of terror?

Where everybody uses their cable news channels to wink and a nod and say masks are really effective Joe and so are vaccines. And you know, you’d be really radical if you said otherwise, even though the same people in the media telling you they got vaccinated and still got COVID with masks on by the way.

Now, I told you I’d prove it to you. Now. There’s nothing I like more than when a story comes together. Now, that tyranny article I found last night sitting on my couch, watching Jesse show on Fox so I tried to fit things into a larger narrative. And sure enough, this morning, this Axios email popped, and I’m like, here it is. The great reset needs people scared, terrified to speak out and I swear this article popped up maybe 15 minutes later.

I’m like, here we go. Sometimes the story just comes together at Axios. There’s a new study out this will be in my newsletter if you want to read it.

What Americans really think it did a survey giving people on one hand anonymity meaning answer these questions. Honestly, no one’s gonna know what you say. And and it was more of a public side where people would know what you say. And it’s fascinating they found out a lot of things. This is how frightened the media is made of people telling the truth, the goal of the great reset to get people to shut their mouths and listen to the mandates. Even if the mandates don’t work.

Here’s proof that they’re scared they’re censorship is working. They note in this survey, Joe that on COVID-19 only 44% of women privately felt wearing masks was effective at stopping COVID spread. Okay, only 44% believe that, though 63% felt they should say they did. What else do you need to hear? So you’re talking about a 19 nearly 20 points spread and percentage point of women who say they feel like they have to say masks work, even though a 20 percentage point gap of people don’t really believe it. Why would Why would you say that if you didn’t believe it? because you’re scared.


That’s what the great resetters want, they want you to shut the F… up. Listen to mandates because there are more coming in the future. We’re getting ready to lock you down because we can and that’s what authoritarians do. Do you understand? It’s about power. It’s about hierarchy showing you who the boss man, and it’s about you shutting your mouth. People are shutting their mouths because they’re scared because the media wants the great reset because they’re socialists and communists too.

So they pressure you with these messages. To comply and you’d be a real radical to say masks don’t work but I got COVID with a mask on double vaxxed? That doesn’t matter: shut your mouth gets even worse. This is how terrified people are to speak out. Education to our education system you know you go to college campuses are liberal some of them still have this mask mandate on education America. Axios notes Americans overall are privately more supportive of parents having more influence of a curriculum, a curriculum 60% While only 52% Proclaim this publicly meaning there’s an eight percentage points difference here. 8 percentage point of parents are afraid to speak out and admit parents should have better control. They know what it may explain Glenn Youngkins victory in Virginia as the governor.

Folks people are scared this isn’t a joke. A very serious topic. Again, I know we use a lot of sarcasm. It’s whether you like it or not. I don’t know, the show is popular. So I hope you do. I’m not trying to drive you crazy. I try to take some of the edge off in a very serious time. This is for real. You’ve got large swaths of Americans terrified to speak out doing things they know are ineffective and afraid to speak out about things that are ineffective like teaching kids to be racist in school.

They are terrified because the media and the left has them terrified. Because the coin of the realm and the mother’s milk you have to understand the mother’s milk of authoritarianism. There’s two, there’s two separate components that are the absolute mother’s milk of authoritarianism.

  • Number one, our government mandates or orders, whatever you want to call them edicts. Obviously, if you’re an authoritarian in a great reset crowd, you got to tell people what to do. You don’t go through the legislative process. They give you the double barreled middle finger family friendly version, and you do it you understand that that’s Component number one of the great reset.
  • Component number two is terror. It’s always been terror. I mean, don’t be terrorism like a terrorist I mean terror you have to be scared to speak out. Because if the component that matters is the mandate and the mandate is not based in science, vaccines or masks. You know, it’s not based in science and you speak out and then people ignore the mandate that authoritarianism never works. They have to scare you shutting your pile. And a lot of people do. Proving to you that these people don’t believe this themselves.

They don’t believe it themselves. This is not about science. It’s about terrorizing people into silence. And it’s about getting you used to mandate and getting you used to accepting what the government tells you even if it’s not backed by science.

Here 2004 C span found this this morning. Here’s Dr. Fauci who, by the way again, Gee just noted he got COVID even after being way, double boosted and vaccinated. Here’s Dr. Fauci explaining himself in 2004. How natural immunity is a far superior alternative when it comes to the flu, granted he’s not talking about COVID – COVID didn’t exist yet.

Having said that, it’s kind of strange how they changed their tune and downplayed natural immunity, even though the evidence is piling up for that too on COVID. Here’s him refuting his own premise back in 2014. Acknowledging in the role of natural immunity in viral infection, specifically the flu in this clip, check this out.

Dr Fauci 13:49
He’s had the flu for 14 days should she get a flu shot? Well, no if she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself. And if she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine. She really has the flu she should not get it again that she doesn’t need it because it’s the best it’s the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.

Dan Bongino 14:17
There it is, folks, you know, you and I are watching that live. Some clips replay somebody put in afterwards, rarely sometimes if you were watching that live and you know Gee right, you know, tell people you got to speak out, folks. You got to speak out. I believe me I know it’s hard. I don’t I get it. I don’t sit here on some perch and pretend to be on some moral high ground. Like Dan, you’re a conservative commentator, you know? Your show does well, you know, financially secure.

Totally understand. I wasn’t at one point though. It’s how I met Joe. I left my financially secure job to run for office and nearly went bankrupt. Joe and I were in my basement at Severna Park and didn’t have money to pay up. Joe didn’t get paid for like a year maybe even more doing my podcast, he did it for free. That’s for real. That is not a joke. But if I offered him money one time, he wouldn’t even take it….. He just put this thing together. We had no spots. It’s just a public service. We did hoping it would catch on.

So although I understand that now I’m in a different position. And it is easier for me to talk now. It wasn’t always please, please speak out. Do not be that 20 percentage points of number of people there who are terrified to speak out although you know the truth. The great reset requires you to be terrorized and it requires you to accept these things. If you don’t accept them and you’re not scared then they can’t win.

Well, sadly right now they still are winning. But there are people out there telling the truth. Dan Horowitz I had on my radio show yesterday the interview was amazing. Dan Horowitz a conservative review has done some just unbelievable work on the failure of the vaccine to stop transmission and in many cases, some of the devastating information.

This piece is in the newsletter tonight. Please, please read it. It’s Bongino.com/newsletter It’s free. We don’t spam your inbox please go there. And look at this. It’s in the list newsletter show notes. It’s the same thing. We use the terms interchangeably.

Conservative review Dan Horowitz, German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries. Remember you’re not allowed to talk about this. You’re only allowed to talk about mandates and how glorious a vaccine so according to data from TK, it’s the largest German medical insurance company.

Listen to this Joe. There were a total of 437,593 insurance claims billed under four diagnostic codes for vaccine injury in 2021 Oh, when I first read that I thought gosh 4000 That’s a lot. No, no, not 4,000 – 437,000 Horowitz notes put this in perspective. The total numbers billed for a vaccine injury code in the two preceding years was 13,777. This is before COVID at the vaccine before the vaccine and 15,044 as the daily skeptic notes, given that TK insures 11 million people that means one in 23 or 4.3% out of medical treatment billed for Vaccine Injury


Don’t be afraid to speak the truth requires terror and you to be quiet. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. Or be scared and do it anyway. I shouldn’t say don’t be scared. Fear is a part of it. I understand you’re scared. I am too. I’m not above this. But speak out great resets here, folks. It’s not coming. It’s here.

This extract is in the above full video, I have extracted the 1:30min segment as it is about The Great Reset and digital currency (a no no I agree with Bongino).

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