I’d heard about 3 leaders being killed because they refused to allow their Countries to get the vaccines.

But I had never put it down in writing for record. So here it is for those who believe in their Vaccination Gods – but there was more than 3, there has been 5 with one assassination failure.

Why kill them? Think about this, there was no way the Tyrants were going to let rebel leaders derail their beloved Anti-Christ system “The Great Reset”.

I’ve never heard of leaders all dying around the same time, mysteriously some of them and they all had the same stance against these Covid Vaccines. You must remember, these people who are pushing the covid vaccines are evil. Pure Evil. Killing someone wouldn’t even faze them.

One Leader sure, just a coincidental thing, but all of the following? No way…..

  • John Pombe Magufuli – Tanzania President died 16 March 2021

Life Site News Story   pdf backup of story

  • Hamed Bakayoko – Ivory Coast Prime Minister died 10 March 2021

BBC News Story    pdf backup of story

  • Amadou Gon Coulibaly – Ivory Coast Prime Minister died 10 June 2020

BBC News Story   pdf backup of story

  • Jovenel Moïse Haiti President died 7 July 2021

ABC News Story     pdf backup of story

  • Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini Eswatini President died 13 December 2020

Aljazeera News Story     pdf backup of story

  • Andry Rajoelina plot to assassinate foiled

Aljazeera News Story     pdf backup of story

We now know that whenever fact checkers say something the exact opposite is true due to the agenda they are hiding. Seeing this is done by Reuters, even more certain are we.

News story here.

Video of fake fact check story is below.

I saw this video today reminding me of these men, so that’s why I finally have placed this article here.

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