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How Do You ‘Show’ the Public the Truth?

Joe Lange

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We are watching the plan unfold before our eyes.

I’ve said for a few years now that the election would be overturned in the courts. There was a reason Trump prioritized appointing judges to fill the record amount of vacancies that Obama left for Hillary.

So why was appointing judges and flipping the courts so important?

What is it that everyone wants and people constantly complain about?

When will we see justice, and why is it taking so long?

I can try to answer both of those questions and help explain what I believe has always been the plan. In doing so, I will also share why the courts are such an important part of that plan.

We were told by Q that we are at war and fighting an insurgency that hasn’t just infiltrated our government at every level, but has also infiltrated our entire society.

What is an insurgency?

From Q post #4700:

(All definitions and excerpts courtesy of the Counterinsurgency Guide.)

The Insurgent Political Strategy

To gain the support (or at least the acquiescence) of the people, the insurgents may apply a combination of persuasion, subversion and coercion.


Often involves the promotion of insurgent ideology, but it can also include the provision of money, basic social services, control of land, or positions of authority.

Propaganda is a key element of persuasion and is used at the local, national and often international levels to influence perceptions of potential supporters, opinion leaders, and opponents in the favor of the insurgents; promoting the insurgent cause and diminishing the government’s resolve. More specifically, propaganda may be designed to control community action, discredit government action, provoke overreaction by security forces, or exacerbate sectarian tension.


The action used by insurgents to penetrate, manipulate, undermine or disrupt government institutions and organizations.


Can either augment or replace persuasion as a means to mobilize support, depending on the ability of government forces to protect the population. Insurgents seek to intimidate government supporters or collaborators, and force community leaders to take sides in the conflict. This often entails the use of violence.

This is what Trump was up against the day he was sworn in and he knew it.

There was a military plan in place long before Trump ever announced he was running for president. Trump became a wartime president the moment he was sworn in and we’ve been fighting a war ever since. It’s an unconventional war where the main battlefield is the media.

Why? Because it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of the people, and the media have been the enemy’s greatest weapon.

So how do you defeat an insurgency?

Q told us in the same post #4700:

This was the second part of the post. After Q explained what an insurgency is, he then explained how they were going to defeat it:

The Counterinsurgency Guide

Q posted the link to this guide four times—in posts #4008, 4363, 4364 and 4700.

Q did it for a reason. It was not only important to know what the military strategy was, but also why it has taken so long.

COUNTERINSURGENCY may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.

Comprehensive = complete and including everything that is necessary:


This is important to understand; if you don’t grasp this aspect of the strategy, you will not understand what is happening and why. You’ll also continue to be frustrated by the slow pace of the justice as it unfolds.

The strategy involves simultaneous civilian and military operations. Trump set up Devolution and COG (continuity of government) right before he left office, so that the plan would continue under Biden. The civilian operations are very public—many playing out in the courts and the media—while the military operations are clandestine.

Think about the scale of this global war and the time the insurgency has had to infiltrate all parts of our society, not just our government. The war is being fought on many fronts at once, involving many moving parts; it is more complicated than we can imagine.

Remember when Chris Miller praised Mike Pence for helping him during some of the most complicated military operations in our history?

I believe Chris Miller was referring specifically to this Counterinsurgency strategy.

So what is it? How does it explain what we’ve seen happening and why it’s taking so long?


COIN differs from other civil-military operations both in the methods employed and in the purpose of the undertaking. The PURPOSE of COIN is to BUILD POPULAR SUPPORT for a government while suppressing or co-opting insurgent movements.

Building popular support takes time. Trump built major support for his government while he was president. He increased his vote totals for re-election by ten million votes, which is a record for any president.

He is the most popular president in history. But this isn’t just about building support for Trump; it’s also about turning the population against the insurgency. The plan is to build support for the Constitution and rule of law as Trump is off the stage. We are in the process of building popular support for the courts, who are supposed to be the guardians of the rule of law and our constitutional rights. We have had more wins in the courts over the last two years than I can ever remember; overturning Roe v. Wade was monumental, and there are more big wins coming.

What’s the Counterinsurgency strategy?

Best practice COIN integrates and synchronizes political, security, economic, and informational components that reinforce governmental legitimacy and effectiveness while reducing insurgent influence over the population. COIN strategies should be designed to simultaneously protect the population from insurgent violence; strengthen the legitimacy and capacity of government institutions to govern responsibly and marginalize insurgents politically, socially, and economically.

Q told us our military has been working behind the scenes to protect us from violence by infiltrating, mapping and hollowing out the insurgency’s foot soldiers in Antifa and BLM, which is why they couldn’t form any resistance against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, even though the decision was leaked ahead of time.

I would suggest that the only part of our government that has been strengthened and made legitimate is the Judicial Branch. It is true that the courts all tossed out election fraud cases in 2020 for technical reasons, but Trump reminded us several times that the courts have YET to see the evidence. When they do, they’ll have a big decision to make.

This is a military operation and has been from the beginning. The strategy is to defeat the insurgency while containing it and addressing its root causes.

How do you address its root causes?

The Great Awakening

Information Strategy

Information is the FOUNDATION for all other activities, and provides the linkages that allow discrete functional elements to cooperate as an integrated whole. The collection, formulation, storage and dissemination of information are crucial in shaping perceptions of the conflict by all stakeholders.

The whole purpose of Q was to create what General Flynn described as a digital army of truth tellers in order to combat the lying media that’s been spreading the enemy’s propaganda for generations.

It’s been an incredible success.

We’ve seen the power of the media greatly diminished, as their lies are now being exposed within hours, which has taken away their control of the narrative.

Messages are delivered partly through media operations, but more prolifically and often more credibly through the thousands of daily interactions between the population, the government and the security forces. Every action in COIN sends a message, which means that words and deeds MUST be synchronized. Messages cannot be simply SPIN, they must be grounded in TRUTH and reflect a genuine willingness on the part of the affected government to undertake real reforms that address the people’s needs. Failure to honor PROMISES is usually extremely counterproductive, so officials should be cautious in making promises, and should TRACK any that are made, with the aim of MEETING and EXCEEDING the expectations of the population.

Is there any doubt about the power of the Q operation?

This was a military intelligence operation that exposed the lies and encouraged anons to dig for information and then share it everywhere, especially on Twitter, which is the largest and most effective propaganda tool the enemy had. It forced the enemy to ban them, along with Trump, and then censor all kinds of subjects. The timing of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and taking it private was no coincidence; the enemy lost one of its most powerful weapons and it is now being turned against them.

No coincidences.

Trump also keeps his promises, which was an important part of the strategy. He is making it a point to meet and exceed expectations.

All these corrupted systems controlled by the insurgency had to be exposed to the people; it’s the only way the people would demand permanent change.

Security Strategy


A whole system is developed, including the civil institutions that oversee the security forces and intelligence services, the legal framework and the JUSTICE INSTITUTIONS (prosecution services, judiciary and prisons) that implement it. It is particularly important that a sense of civil ownership and accountability should extend to the LOCAL LEVEL and that all elements of the security apparatus should be trusted by the population.

These last few years were needed to expose corruption in our justice institutions. Devin Nunes first publicly exposed the Russian collusion framing of Trump. It’s Congress’ responsibility for oversight of the FBI and DOJ, and they are preparing to launch investigations into it again when the new Congress is seated in 2023. There is now much more evidence available for Congress to amplify to the population in this media war.

Indeed, effective SSR (especially reform of the JUSTICE SECTOR) may address many of the grievances that initially fueled the insurgency.

This is why Trump made it a priority to appoint a record amount of judges who follow the constitution and rule of law. The most important part of the plan is to remove the two-tier justice system we’ve lived under for many generations. The only way that happens is with judges who follow the law and treat everyone equally.

The plan was always for the main public push to be through the courts. It was vitally important that the Constitution and rule of law be restored, not by Trump, but by the JUSTICE SECTOR itself.

Political Strategy

POLITICAL STRATEGY is the KEY FUNCTION in a COIN effort, because it provides a FRAMEWORK (of political reconciliation, reform, popular mobilization and governmental capacity-building) around which all other programs and activities are organized. In general terms, the PROGRESS of a COIN campaign is only as good as the POLITICAL STRATEGY it supports.



Do you understand the brilliance of this political strategy? The strategy focused the American peoples’ attention on the failure of Obama, but also the insurgency-driven enfeeblement of our country in every way imaginable. It also placed the insurgency on the defensive by forcing them to come out AGAINST popular MAGA policies, while at the same time forcing the enemy to defend the policies of Obama/Biden.

Political reconciliation?

We are witnessing the complete destruction of the democrat party, and RINOs are retiring or being voted out in larger numbers every election cycle. The country is actually in the early stages of being unified like never before and the big stuff has yet to be exposed. The democrat party won’t survive what’s coming.

Could we have picked a better candidate to lead this strategy than Trump? He loves this country and its people. He was born for this moment in history and I thank God for raising him up to defeat this global insurgency.

An effective political strategy focuses on strengthening the government’s capability and capacity to respond and be seen to be responding to the needs of its people.

Look at the huge contrast the American people are seeing between the Trump and Biden administrations on leadership. Trump was a problem solver and tackled some of the biggest problems our nation has faced for generations. He made peace with North Korea. He gave us peace in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords. He ended the wars in Afghanistan and Syria. Let’s not forget he destroyed ISIS in a few months by taking the gloves off the U.S. Military.

Real peace.

He rebuilt our military and was the undisputed leader of the free world with a record of accomplishments that will show up in the history books.

Economic Strategy

Counterinsurgents often seek to generate a RAPID and OBVIOUS IMPROVEMENT in quality of life and economic opportunity in areas where security operations are suppressing insurgent activity. The AIM is for the population to see CLEAR BENEFIT in government control.

I think the American people easily see the difference between Trump’s economy and Obama’s, and it’s been an even greater contrast between Trump and Biden.

Trump grew the economy and created a record amount of jobs. He made us energy independent for the first time and brought gas prices lower than anybody thought was even possible. He gave us the biggest tax cuts in history, which have helped us survive this inflation and recession under Biden. He massively cut regulations in order to help small businesses, which is the engine of our economy.

Control Strategy

The four functions (information, political, security and economic) contribute to the overall objective of enabling the affected government to control its environment. This implies the ability to contain insurgent activity (the tempo of operations, level and intensity of violence, and degree of instability that it engenders) such that the population will, in THE LONG RUN, support the government against insurgents.

This is a plan that looks long into the future. The foundation must be laid to awaken the population to the insurgency in order to give us the power back, and allow us to resist it in the future.

First Phase of Control: ESTABLISHMENT

During the initial phases, a government conducting COIN seeks to establish control over the environment. This requires controlling terrain, key infrastructure, economic production assets, population movement, resources and information flow. In the initial stages there will almost always be a need to catch up with insurgents who have gained the initiative, made inroads into popular support and undermined the government.

Trump canceled the trade deals that were stealing our manufacturing and placed tariffs on China and Europe to bring our manufacturing back home.

Trump actually built the wall that all our politicians gave lip service to for decades. He hired more ICE agents and was shipping illegal immigrants back home, while forcing others to remain in Mexico. He also restricted legal immigration from countries promoting terrorism.

From the beginning, Trump waged war against the propaganda media, effectively branding them with the term “Fake News.” He used his bully pulpit to control the narrative and forced them to cover the subjects that promoted MAGA, as he spoke over them and directly to the American people.

Establishing control requires not only the military defeat of insurgents, but also their political marginalization and the provision of economic and governance benefits to the population in order to reduce the insurgents appeal.

Anybody think the insurgency hasn’t been politically marginalized in a huge way over the last two years?

Second Phase of Control: CONSOLIDATION

This phase is typically the LONGEST IN DURATION, lasting years or even decades. In COIN, establishing control over POPULATION GROUPS and POPULATION CENTERS is more important than control of the TERRITORY.

This is the phase we are currently in.

For the last six years, there has been a focused strategy to turn the population against the insurgency. The danger of a civil war is now greatly diminished, which is why I believe we’ve entered the final part of the consolidation phase; this will begin to bring the justice we all have waited for. The timing has to be perfect.


The process of consolidation must be carefully managed to ensure that it does not progress TOO SLOWLY (leading to popular frustration and regression to insurgent control in key areas) nor TOO QUICKLY (leading to premature fielding of inadequate local security forces, or premature transition before control is fully consolidated).

Trust me.

Trump and the military are closely monitoring the sentiment of the people. Every time the people seem discouraged, something big happens. I believe it’s all been planned and timed. It’s no coincidence that huge news now drops multiple times per day.

The end game is coming.

Third Phase of Control: TRANSITION

Transition is used to describe not just the TRANSFER OF AUTHORITY from an intervening nation to the host nation but also the HANDOVER from INDIGENOUS MILITARY FORCES to LOCAL CIVILIAN AUTHORITY (an essential step in normalizing the environment and ending insurgency).

This is where we are heading, my friends. This has been the plan from the beginning.

We are witnessing a handoff between Military and Civilian Authority.

How do we get there and why do I believe the plan was always to go through the courts?

Trump purposely walked away and let [them] steal the election, so we could be where we are now as part of the overall strategy. Overturning the election was one of the major goals, but it is more than that. It’s about exposing a nationwide conspiracy to not just steal our elections, but to violate the peoples’ constitutional right to vote. It’s about exposing and tearing down this corrupt election system, so we can replace it and give the power back to the people. The plan to do that always involved the courts, since we are supposed to be a nation of laws, with a constitution as the law of the land. Our constitutional rights must be protected, and we must also get rid of the two-tier justice system.

I often hear people frustrated that the military hasn’t already stepped in, since we have all the evidence.

Here’s the reason:

COIN is a complex effort that integrates the full range of CIVILIAN and MILITARY agencies. It is often more POPULATION-CENTRIC (focused on securing and controlling a given population or populations) than ENEMY-CENTRIC (focused on defeating a particular enemy group).

The long-term solution is to awaken the population to the extent of the corruption and the ways in which they have been deceived. Anything less is a temporary band-aid. Justice will come, but in order to prevent another insurgency in the future, it’s important for the population to understand why justice is deserved.

Note that this does not mean that COIN is less violent than any other conflict: on the contrary, like any other form of warfare it always involves loss of life. It is an extremely difficult undertaking, is often highly controversial politically, involves a series of ambiguous events that are extremely difficult to interpret, and often requires vastly more resources and time than initially anticipated.

How much of what we’ve witnessed over the last six years has been highly controversial? How many precedents have been set?

A president spied on, framed, falsely impeached, constantly investigated, raided and ‘exposed.’

The insurgency has attacked Trump in every way imaginable and he has welcomed it. He wants these legal precedents set for past and future presidents, so nobody is above the law. He knows he’s got nothing to hide, which is why he gladly takes the slings and arrows.

There is no doubt that in a war where information is a weapon, there is deception on both sides to create and control the narrative. Trump is always playing the victim of a corrupt insurgency because it’s an optics advantage to do so.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is a perfect example.

Trump himself announced the FBI raid; the enemy knew nothing about it. The FBI gathered evidence and then Trump played up the narrative that, once again he was the victim of a corrupt DOJ, even though he knew he wasn’t the target of the investigation. Things are often ambiguous because optics are very important when you’re running an influence operation on a population in order to defeat an insurgency.

Even though this has been a military operation from the beginning, there is coming a time when the military will publicly take control. The trigger will be a constitutional crisis and I believe it will come from the courts. I believe the plan has always been to reveal nationwide election fraud evidence in the courts, with the Supreme Court throwing out the election of the illegitimate government. This will cause a constitutional crisis, with the military stepping in temporarily to control things until we have a new election ordered by the court and with safeguards. Once a new government is elected, the military will hand back authority to the civilian government elected by the people.

But how is that going to happen?

I thought the Kari Lake lawsuit would be the catalyst to expose and overturn the election. But I might be wrong about that. I read the judge’s ruling and it is sound. Lake is going to appeal, but unless the other eight counts are included and she has more evidence, I don’t think it’s going to be overturned. The burden of proof to overturn an election is purposely set extraordinarily high, as it should be.

In another court case I often refer to, another judge said the same thing.

Kari Lake doesn’t possess the evidence required to overturn the election in my opinion. Facing that reality reminded me of the big elephant in the room that I think we’ve all forgotten.

Only the military possesses that evidence needed, because this involves National Security.

That changes things.

So how does that evidence get into a courtroom?

I’ve reverted back to the opinion I held before the midterms happened and Kari brought her lawsuit.

This isn’t about an election challenge. Prosecutions are the only way.

Eugene Yu seems to me to be the keystone. The key to a nationwide conspiracy using the voting machines connected to the CCP.

Elections are critical infrastructure and this conspiracy, if true, represents an act of war. The military has the evidence and I believe they have communications from many Democrat and Republican operatives who helped the insurgency complete the steal.

Will election officials be indicted?

Is there a big RICO case happening in the background?

Prosecuting election officials gets you over the high burden of proof needed to overturn an election.

But will it happen, and if so, when?

I think the National Security issue is guiding all of this and I also believe the charges being dropped against Yu create another possibility—that he’s flipped and is singing like a bird.

Is a new indictment coming for him? My guess is ‘yes,’ but I firmly believe the military is in control.

Exposing election fraud in the courts through prosecutions not only exposes the conspiracy to steal our elections and violate the American peoples’ right to vote, but it would also re-establish the rule of law and the constitution as the supreme law of the land.

This has been the plan from the beginning, and …

The Best Is Still Yet To Come!

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Mark Simms22 hr ago Liked by Joe LangeWhat a great article! I’ve been closely following all the political and Judicial events ever since Trump was Inaugurated on January 20, 2017 and when you connect the dots they way you do, tying this all together, you provide so much to ponder! Thank you!23ReplyCollapse

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William Geller22 hr ago Liked by Joe LangeExcellent explanation. Does anyone really think that Trump set up the Executive Orders and the framework that outlined Devolution and Continuity of Government and then would abandon the Country, run for President again knowing the election process is completely corrupt? And, furthermore, that there are no Patriots left that are willing to risk everything to defend the very country that millions have already died for?19ReplyGift a subscriptionCollapse

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