I posted this article today September 4, 2022 having had a copy since “It Is What It Is” fakebook post of March 2019. Why have I decided to start releasing this? Some people have been targeted by tyrant Ardern, the NZ PM, who also is a Young Leader from the World Economic Forum, just like Morrison the then current PM of Australia. I don’t stand by idly when that sort of crap happens so here it is. Copied word for word.

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Screenshot of a fakebook page reproduced below.

We’re not a conspiracy page. But even we have to admit something is fishy.

IT IS WHAT IT IS.·MONDAY, 18 MARCH 2019 – this link goes to their fakebook page which is still live as at today September 4, 2022 as per screenshot of image below.

I closed my fakebook account in 2019 you may be able to see the original article (but copied here anyway)

We’re not a conspiracy page and in the past we have pointed out flaws in conspiracy thinking such as in regard to the Port Arthur Massacre and 9/11. Some of our admins are in fact ex servicemen who know how automatic firearms work and how easy they are to use. We also know the difference between a detonated explosion and a blow back from the transfer of mass energy ( rejection of the lame claim of a bomb going off when the planes hit the twin towers).

But here it is. We’ve watched the go pro recording sent out by the gunman at the Christchurch mosque. And after discussion we have agreed that we must say that something isn’t right.

Now we don’t condone violence of any kind and we’re not saying this attack didn’t happen.

If we post the recording Facebook will pull it down and ban the admins for a month, we’ve been banned for less. And there’s an official move to have all the recordings scrubbed from the net. But that’s not what has our spidy sensors up.

Let us paint you a picture based on the recording and from the camera view of the gunman.

It starts with the camera on in his car. It becomes obvious that the camera is attached to his combat helmet when he puts his helmet on inside the car.

He then drives to the mosque recording his trip. He walks into the grounds of the mosque, where those outside don’t seem concerned that an armed Anglo man in combat gear has just walked in, and approaches the main entrance where a man is standing, contrary to what has been claimed the man does not say “welcome brother”, and who would say that to a man approaching you carrying firearms and wearing combat gear especially in these heated times?

The gunman then raised an automatic shotgun shooting it rapidly hitting the man standing at the door. Another man is behind that first man and crawling away up the corridor but he’s shot in the back. The gunman then drops the empty auto shotgun and raises an automatic rifle. The gunman looks right from the corridor into another room we’re a man can be seen running. He aims right at that man and fires several rounds but the man doesn’t drop and runs through another door. By the way there’s already a man laying dead in the door entrance to this room and isn’t accounted for in the opening shots.

The gunman walks up the corridor shooting another man and walks into the open space of the mosque turning right and opening fire. He’s peppering the inside of the mosque with his fully automatic rifle. There’s a couple of men standing who he shoots and one in another room who he shoots at but misses.. Everyone else is laying down huddled against a far right wall with a window. He shoots at them laying there.

He then turns to his left and opens fire rapidly. At this point a man runs right past him and is shot point blank several times and keeps on running down the corridor the camera shows he disappears and the gunman moves back down the corridor can’t find him but quickly turns around and goes back into the open area of the mosque we he turns left and opens fire on a groups of people laying down bunched up in front of a glass door.

He then goes back into the corridor and picks up a magazine he dropped and reloads his rifle and then re enters the open area once against firing on the bunched up people on the floor to his left and then to his right, the same people he’d already shot. At this point you can see the guy he missed earlier runs through he second room into the corridor and toward the entrance when the gunman hits him with a long shot though he failed to hit him close range before.

He then fires more rounds around the open area inside the mosque and then heads down the corridor, picks up another magazine, and heads outside.

So what’s the problem?

Well let’s look at what makes it plausible first.

#1. With the official policy of the government being in denial that Islamic terrorist have anything to do with Islam and with the official position being that the Islamic terrorist attacks, attempted terrorist attacks and plotted but stopped Islam terrorist attacks having nothing to do with Islam, are mental health issues, lack of employment or lone wolves where they can’t find the connection between them all, while Islam being the obvious is ignored. And with the non stop left wing political attack on our history culture and ancestors from the political left and no conservative government in power doing anything to defend us against these lies and demonisation of our nation. A revenge attack like this was bound to happen at some point and most likely in New Zealand where an Aussie can live no dramas and the government hadn’t disarmed the population of automatic firearms. Remember that Islam sees itself as a state. So an attack on Islam anywhere is an attack on Islam everywhere as far as they are concerned. The gunmen obviously knew this.

#2. There are spent bullet casing all over the floor of the mosque.

#3. When he’s shooting into the bodies once again sadly a tagiya falls off a childs head. It is used during Islamic prayer.

#4. People crouched down rather than fleeing even when there’s options to exit does not imply a staged event. People react differently to each other in situation.

#5. How do you fake the deaths of 50 people? For a start a coroners office is going to be asking where the bodies are. And though shot an autopsy is still conducted after a shooting.

Now what has us question things?

#1. Though it takes days or even weeks for the government officials to decide if something is an Islamic terrorist attack even when it’s blatantly obvious that it is. The media isn’t stating it as an Islamic terrorist attack and often still won’t even after it’s been confirmed to be an Islamic terrorist attack. Usually the government will call several attacks by muslims unrelated acts of violence perpetrated by a person or persons with mental health issues.

But within minutes of the news of this mosque attack both the New Zealand and Australian government and the media were calling it a right wing terrorist attack. The world governments quickly did the same and the political left were arranging what actually amounted not to anti right rallies but anti white rallies. But of course they called a show of unity for the victims to stop criticism of the politically rather than emotionally motivated event.

The Australian and New Zealand governments were so quick to call it a right wing terrorist attack that one might think they had their statements ready to go even before the attack happened. New Zealand’s PM was so fast in stating that semi and fully auto rifles will be banned that she put John Howard to shame, and he was fast to take advantage of the Port Arthur massacre to disarm Aussies. One might think that she’d been prepared.

#2. Spent brass shell casing don’t mean the bullets are real. They could still be blanks.

#3. The bodies didn’t move. One would be expecting the kinetic energy of the rounds to at least be nudging them. There were a lot of rounds and coming fast too. Not even so much as a tiny shift.

#4. The kids tagiya might of just fallen of at that point. No one else’s did and with rapid random fire shooting up the bodies there’d have been more than a few head shots.

#5. NOT SO MUCH AS A SCRATCH on the walls. Hundreds of rounds flying around being shot at the people laying down on the floor along the walls and as well as standing up but not so much as a mark. White walls that would have, should have been riddle with bullet holes and not so much as one hole. The gunman goes crazy in there waving his auto rifle around and there’s not a mark on the wall. Plaster should have been flying everywhere and it’s not. Even if the walls were made of cement there would have been crap flying everywhere. Nothing.

#6 NO BLOOD SPATTER. The walls are white as white sheets and the people are huddle up against the walls and not at any point is there any blood spatter on the walls. They’re literally getting torn apart by a fully automatic rifle. The people aren’t moving, their clothes aren’t moving and there’s no blood, especially on the walls. There’s no puddles of blood anywhere either. It’s as if he’s shooting blanks or they were already dead and brought in from somewhere.

#7. Glass doors and windows smash. Especially when shot out. The open area is full of windows. Big windows and a glass door. People being shot at are in front of those windows and glass door. Not a shatter not a smash not a crack not a chip. Nothing.

That rifle was being aimed everywhere. There’d be blood on the walls and the floors. The place would be riddled with bullet holes and the glass would all be gone.

In fact all they’d have to do to clean up is remove the bodies going by the video.

#8. Islamic religion demands that bodies be buried fast. That might be the way around an autopsy. Especially as “special sensitivities” has been called for and the NZ PM has promised a quick release of the bodies. Christchurch’s Muslim community has been urging authorities to quickly release the remains to family for fast burials in adherence with customs of the Islamic faith. Perhaps autopsies will be skipped.

So you have a think. It doesn’t matter if you think it happened or not. Just try to explain the lack of combat damage rather than have a go at each other.

Added note. A NZ teenager now is facing 14 years in prison for streaming the vid.

Also note for the hair splitters. Automatic firearm is an automatic firearm. Be it semi or fully auto. Calling them automatic does not negate the description of the firearm. The admin who wrote it up accidentally said fully auto once.

And yes we did stop the vid numerous times to try get a good look as certain things we noticed. We didn’t just run it through once and decided “that’ll do!!!!”

Also recommend to read Ardern’s thugs accused of ‘ritualised rape’ in arrest of alt media couple.

The below article was linked in the original facebook sourced document. You will have to search facebook because I closed my account in 2019. See here for reasons.

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