By Jon Levine

Wikipedia removed an article on Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Wikipedia editors removed the entry for Rosemont Seneca Partners earlier this week on the ground that it was “not notable,” archived comments from its Talk Page reveal.

The deletion happened Wednesday. The investment company co-founded by Hunter Biden has been at the heart of numerous questions surrounding his overseas business dealings.

“This organization is only mentioned in connection with its famous founders, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz,” said a Wiki editor identified only as Alex who additionally warned that “keeping it around” ran the risk of the page becoming “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.”

Arguments to merge the story with Hunter Biden’s official wikipedia page were also overruled.

The brief article was thin on details and in bad need of an overhaul, but did provide information about the company’s founding by Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Chris Heinz.

Devon Archer founded Rosemont Seneca Partners with Biden and Chris Heinz.
Alec Tabak for NY Post

Wikipedia has tilted so far left in recent years that its co-founder Larry Sanger now says the site can not longer be trusted and has become “propaganda.”

“There’s a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the article say what somebody wants them to say,” Sanger said last year.

Activist editors on the site have long tried to delete an entry for ‘Mass killings under communist regimes’ — though for now it remains online.

The original entry for Rosemont Seneca Partners in Wikipedia.
A Wikipedia editor claimed the article is could be “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.”

Critics said the Rosemont decision showed a double standard.

“If a Trump-linked company had its Wikipedia page wiped or one from the Russia probe, it’s more than a safe bet to say that CNN would be dedicating multiple reporters to following the internet trail,” said Curtis Houck, Managing Editor of the Media Research Center told The Post.

I came across this telegram post today, so I just had to add it and the actual article to my website. I also moved a previous video posted July 2021 and have added it below. Update 22 December 2022 – see telegram post re: Elon Musk now knows.

David Ashton webmaster

Wikipedia Can No Longer Be Trusted – video created 19 July 2021

I always provide the receipts – added 7 May 2022

Can you see why Wikipedia deleted the Rosemont reference now?

Elon Musk knows. So does the as yet unawake twitter followers. It is good to see the Great Awakening is finally gaining steam.

Update added 16 November 2023

This is a 30 years ago old video on VHS being converted and uploaded to modern media. It again proves what the ex owner of Wikipedia said above – they are corrupt and this screenshot proves it. The NWO is alive and well thank you very much and is NOT a conspiracy theory – Fake News Wikipedia. See link to post/video directly below.
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