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BLM Fraud Xahra Saleem is jailed for 2-1/2 Years after Stealing Donations that were Meant to Go to “Charities”

She spent more than £32,000 Pounds ($39,000 US Dollars) on hair and beauty appointments, her rent, new iPhone, new iMac, Amazon shopping sprees, and more.

Allllllll that money that BLM raised, millions upon millions of dollars, never did anything meaningful for any communities except to enrich these racist lunatics.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and related “causes” received an astonishing $82.9 billion according to a funding database from the Claremont Institute.

Walmart, gave $100 million
Amazon gave $169.5 million.
Silicon Valley Bank gave the movement $73.45 million.
Pharmaceutical company Abbvie gave $62 million
Allstate gave $7.7 million
American Express gave $50 million. Apple gave $100 million
AT&T gave $21.5 million.
Nike gave $90 million

United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines all gave money to BLM and related causes as well.

Bank of America, gave $18.25 million
Wells Fargo gave $210 million
Deloitte gave $85 million
BlackRock put a shocking $810 million
Capital Onegave $10 million
Morgan Stanley gave $30 million,
US Bank gave $160 million
Goldman Sachs gave $10.1 million.
Prudential Financial gave $450 million Mastercard gave $500 million.
Boeing gave $15.6 million
Northrop Grumman gave $2 million and Raytheon gave $25 million.
The Walt Disney Company gave $8.8 million
The Pokémon Company gave $200,000. 

We have learned that The Democrat Super Pac fundraising platform ActBlue (funded by Open Secrets aka George Soros) uses BLM to act as a shell company to collect donations, and hundreds of millions of dollars went to political democrat candidates.

We also learned through Candace Owens Film, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (George Floyd)” that millions upon millions of BLM money went towards transgender organizations.