Are we seeing a crack in the MSM narrative?

A crack in the stonewall?

A crack in the propaganda?

It feels like we are.

I have to show you this video from “Meet Kevin” who’s real name is Kevin Paffrath.

Kevin ran for Governor of California and by all accounts should have beated Newsome if it weren’t for massive rigging and cheating.

And get this: Kevin is a Democrat, or at least he ran as one because that was the only way he would have had any chance in California.

He’s actually about as “modest” and “middle” as you can get, and I like him.

I find him very reasonable, incredibly smart and fascinating to listen to.

He amassed millions of followers on YouTube because others feel the same way.

So when it comes to middle of the road analysis, Meet Kevin is your guy….and he just posted this video essentially blowing the vaccine coverup story wide open.

And so is the Wall St. Journal.

Narrative about to fall apart?

Watch this:

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