4 Chan back in 2019 was the board where Q initially posted. Of course that can’t be allowed to happen so some bullshit story was created that forced the board to close and 8 Chan was born.

But of course that board was attacked because it was exposing the evil bastards, so Q went to a board run by blockchain technology which cannot be shut down, and he uses that board even to today.

Now you know this little bit of history, below is a thread of someone telling us that a virus is going to be released and don’t take the vaccine. It is a deadly vaccine with metal shards inside.

Karen Kingston told us that already. In fact this site is littered with all that sort of evidence.

So in 2019 someone with a conscience was trying to get the word out. So naturally, I have posted it here to make researching easy in the future.

Wait a minute!!! the Plandemic never started until 2020. Welcome to my world, where smelling a rat upfront is easy.

Here is the pdf of the board conversation and images where I make it easy for you to find the conversation:

Here is the pdf without my markups.

Watch out!!! Politically incorrect statement coming: Now you will know why I say to those who know me:

The Media? I wouldn’t shit on them, it would be a waste of a good shit.

David Ashton

And you should do the same. They are your ENEMY. ALL OF THEM.

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