As part of the you will own nothing and be happy brigade, is the you will eat bugs too.

If you think that I’m pulling your leg, then this article is going to be part of a ongoing story as I update many items covering these topics.

These are the World Economic Forum goonies goals.

We are also called useless eaters by the Elites.

We will see what happens.

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I have yet to confirm the bugs in NSW BP stations. I went to my local BP a short while ago and didn’t find any, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t habbening. I will eventually see them and post a video or something.

Article added October 8, 2022: Globalist Elites Pushing Their Bug-Eating Agenda in the Name of Saving the World From Climate Change

As the human population increases, so does the demand for food. And to solve this, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other climate change activists are pushing their bug-eating agenda.

The bug-eating agenda is no laughing matter: It is now seeping through mass media and the educational system as a way to normalize and even glamorize the consumption of bugs.

But why are these superpowers focused on forcing the mass public to eat crickets, mealworms and cockroaches? A WEF insider said they plan on breaking people enough to destroy the human soul.

One very important matter to the WEF is that humans have too many freedoms and that they consume too many resources – so they want to redefine what it means to be human.

On the WEF’s website, the organization is entertaining studies that say a good life does not need to be happy or meaningful. In other words, they see people as cattle that should consume fewer resources.

This is where their bug-eating agenda comes in: With the use of buzzwords such as “sustainability,” and “environmentally friendly,” the global elite is defining what a “responsible diet” is while shaming those who consume meat.

The WEF and other elites are in full propaganda mode in promoting bug diets, with celebrities now eating bugs on camera and mainstream journalists writing articles to promote the “inevitability” of eating what they now call “micro-livestock.”

A-list celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. promote bug diets by eating live insects on camera and promoting “cricket protein” on late-night shows.

Elites are also using news articles to push their thinly veiled propaganda, including pushing for synthetic meat, which is part of the same agenda. These articles were filed under climate change topics to coerce and shame the world into adopting an unnatural diet based on insects and synthetic food.

If that’s not enough, the WEF is pushing the same agenda on the most impressionable: school children.

California public schools are now using posters that encourage children to eat bugs and educate others, saying that lots of people eat them. They also say that bugs can’t make people sick because, unlike pigs and cows, they don’t carry diseases. (Related: You WILL eat the bugs: Major brands quietly slipping insects into your food.)

The habits that humans adopt in their formative years usually follow them for the rest of their lives, which is why the elites are infiltrating schools with their agenda.

The elites fail to tell people that there are studies that contradict their propaganda. A 2019 study found that consuming insects poses severe health risks to humans due to the transmission of parasitic diseases.

In a study examining 300 insect farms, parasites were detected in 81.33 percent of them. In 206 or 68.67 percent of the cases, the identified parasites were pathogenic to insects only, while in 106 or 35.33 percent of the cases, the parasites were also potentially parasitic in animals.

In 91 or 30.33 percent of the cases, the parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans, which means that “edible insects” are actually underestimated reservoirs of human and animal parasites.

In 2007, another study that focused on chitin (the natural structural component found in insect exoskeletons) found that it can cause allergic reactions in humans. Chitosan, a chemical compound made from chitin, was also shown to lead to the depletion of vitamins in the human body.

This means that while insects could show good nutritional value on paper, they could be toxic to humans as they can harbor parasites, affect the immune system, trigger allergies and even deplete vitamins from the body.

But despite these glaring issues, the elites are moving forward with their agenda, creating fake crises to push the public into consuming insects and synthetic products. The elites are laying their plans in leading people toward a “decreased” supply of meat and an increasing supply of insects and synthetic food products.

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