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continued from page 1: Fauci corner - lies lies and even more lies as you will discover Covid 19 is preplanned and a HOAX / bioweapon - straight from the horses mouth

The Irish Government can't prove Covid 19 exists

This very revealing video done by some journalism, Gemma has proved it is all a HOAX, because if they provide evidence that it exists, it becomes a bioweapon and genocide. Get it?

Jesse Watters interviews Dr McCullough

Around the 23rd December 2021 this 4 min interview discusses why aren't we looking at treatments of the virus?

The CDC is withdrawing it's approval to use PCR tests. (The flu will now return).

Knowingly banned

I have stated that the people who run the TGA in Australia will hang for Crimes Against Humanity just like the Nuremberg trials. The proof that I have known for two years is finally leaked out through the corrupt MSM because we (the white hats) have won. Click the above image to see a larger version. Lots of things happening in the background that will come to light very soon.

Dr. Malone breaks down what's wrong with the COVID vaccine and what can be done once taken

A glimmer of hope. Checkout this article about God's beautiful chickens and their egg yokes.

Dan Bongino asked Dr. Malone point blank: Is the shot safe or not?

"What this gentleman is positing is immense, in term of its implications." Dr. Robert Malone responds to our latest report into Pfizer Director Jordon Walker expressing concern over women's reproductive health after Covid-19 Vaccines. Read story here.

Media announcements

BILD apologises to the world

Germanys largest media tabloid has apologised for their participation in deceiving their citizens and the world. All media people will hang for their crimes against humanity, they are trying to save their necks. View camtasia of their webpage, direct at my Rumble account. | Download webpage pdf.

Remnant TV latest video

This spot on the page may be a revolving one, as I replace this current video with the latest. Michael Matt is one serious Catholic like me, who is no longer putting up with the crap. Ever since 1972 since Vatican II came out the true Church of Jesus has been infiltrated to destroy it. It has been damaged but people like Michael and myself are going to restore it, with God's help so people can see what true catholicism is. NB: It is nothing like what we are seeing right now.

Various media announcement articles saved as pdf downloads

Canadian Government spends millions on "Isolation Sites" for those who test positive to Covid 19. Download pdf.
Who's Really Being Hospitalised? Download pdf.

The WHO are Tyrants and I never thought I'd agree with them on anything. Today I humbly say that I agree with them too. How do you make lots of money from a non vaccine? Ban a product out of patent, then make a similar one and charge a fortune.

Australia: Counter Terrorism Units Monitoring Anti-Scamdemic Religiously Motivated Extremism

Counterterrorism Units Are Monitoring Online 'Conspiracy Theories' To Keep You Safe. Twitter link also Maria Zee has commented re this.

Original From Rome link. Want a laugh? - The Cat Lady saved forever. Original page.

Stew Peters: The Covid Venom War Against Humanity

This is the explosive Scientific and historic in depth investigation into the DeathVaxxes containing snake and animal toxins, designed to kill those who receive it. This is a massive collection of testimonies and evidence to show that the entire Scamdemic and DeathVaxx products were designed with only one principle goal in mind: mass murder on a global scale. — Contains latest recommendations for detoxing from DeathVaxxes. Read story here.

More direct proof this was all Pre-Planned

The Pre-Planned Event that will shock you.

This audio will direct you to many truths, including all about Event 201. As per the image popup, what is the World Economic Forum? Find out here.

Event 201

Play the video version incorporated in the Special World Report (to the left). Visit the website to see all the videos. I have saved all the videos of these Tyrants, let me know via support if they have disappeared and I'll reload them up.

Event 201 camtasia screen recording of website and other important comments

I like camtasia screen recording of a webpage because sometimes saving to another format, eg pdf, the page doesn't look the same. I will save all the pages as pdf, download it here. I ended up linking Tony Abbott removal in 2015 to this event, watch it to find out what I am talking about.


Doctors will face Nuremberg type trials for their crimes against humanity. Download the pdf version of the website link. Click on the image above for a larger view. Website link here. CDC memo here. Ivermectin banned by TGA - these crooks will hang. Update 23 December 2021 Paxlovid was approved today by the FDA as a protease inhibitor, to inhibit cell wall passage of COVID 19 through the cell wall. Pfizer, the manufacturer, says it is 89% effective, Paxlovid is under patent and will be very expensive. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are also protease inhibitors and very inexpensive. FDA approval link.

Click on the above image to see a larger version, look at the date of the original email. Proof latest version preplanned like all of them. Date this added to website 29 November 2021.

The Ivermectin Story

Discover all about this wonder drug that the creator received a Nobel Peace Prize for. With officials banning this product which is Crime Against Humanity, they will hang for their crimes in due course. Visit this page for more about what these Tyrants are really up to.

More proof covid was preplanned

DNA found in virus matches sequence patented by Moderna 3 years prior to pandemic beginning. A leftist now mentions lockdowns were no good for children (especially).

Globalists Plot Next "CATASTROPHIC" PLANDEMIC! OBGYN Dr. Thorp EXPOSES Fetal Death Coverup

Lauren Witzke joins to expose how Elites are planning the plandemic 2.0, by creating "theoretical" panels for virus outbreaks called "Catastrophic Contagion".
Event 201 was a clear predictive plan for COVID-19. Will the Elites fear-monger us back into solitary confinement and vaccination?
The vaccine is attacking!
Dr. Paul Elias Alexander joins the show to detail how Céline Dion is officially diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome!
Pfizer lists stiff-person syndrome as a side effect, amongst many other deadly injuries from the injections!

Canada is going under!
Dr. James Thorp joins to share how hospitals are experiencing massive fetal deaths across the globe!
A single hospital in Canada had 13 fetal deaths in 24 hours, from mothers who were vaccinated!
The medical establishment is murderous!
Vira Brooks is welcomed back to the show to detail how her husband Rod was tortured inside the hospital, and ultimately passed at the hands of the "covid protocol". Vira called for a forensic autopsy, but the hospital covered up the evidence.



How about some good news then

How to make natural Hydroxychloroquine

Survival rates

Vaccines not needed. This is a good reminder how much they are conning you. Click the image to see larger version.

Ivermectin 62% effective in death prevention and 86% effective in infection prevention

So why are the authorities banning this drug?Ivermectin image from story
Visit original story.     pdf backup of story

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