I’m about to lead you to a 5th grade education regarding the planet we live on.


The next points are more detailed in the following podcasts.

Download them today and get educated about this big big scam that are indoctrinating your kids (and you?) with lies and untruths.

Greenhouse Gases are needed to keep the planet warm. Look at a Green House, why do they do that? Because they are idiots and just like to build a structure because it looked nice?

At least 50% of the world’s oxygen is provided by plankton, and when they die they also provide Greenhouse gasses. 40,000 gigatons of it.

If you remove greenhouse gasses, the earth will cool and guess what, every living creature and plant living on the entire planet will die.

Man is creating 7.4 gigatons of green house gasses from his use of coal and petroleum products. 7.4 V 40,000.


Special World Report Sept. 12, 2019 – The lie of climate change is leading to what you would never dream of. It’s no longer science fiction. Looking through the lens of Medjugorje and the messages, what a Friend of Medjugorje reveals will give all the more understanding of why Our Lady is here, why the Secrets are coming and what you need to do now. Spread this to everyone.

“Amazon Synod: Creating a Crisis, Provoking a Schism?”

Special World Report Sept. 19, 2019 – Special World Report Sept 19, 2019: A Friend of Medjugorje shares about the upcoming Amazon Synod, why it is taking place and the agenda behind it.

This is how the earth works. CO2 is good for the planet. Click for larger image. Available for schools at no charge. Right click to download.

Click for larger image. Rear of poster. Available for Schools at no charge. 31,487 scientists signed petition saying Climate Change is junk science. In other words it is a scam. Right click to download.

The Communist Takeover of America

This all started way back in 1963, and the Climate Agenda was put in place in 2007.

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I have a question for you, if Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama fully support Climate Change, therefore sea levels are rising so we need to go green with CO2 etc, why are they buying homes next to the ocean? YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED.

A Global Climate Strike!

This is vital that you understand this is a scam and lie.

Below is the link to the story of the people who have been indoctrinated. Yes, they are really showing themselves up to be dumbasses.
pdf version of website (also see video below) Link to story