It would have been a collaboration of millions to achieve this. What are they going to gain from doing this?

At the time of publishing this article, I don’t have an answer. But I will. These idiots seem to be part of an overall group that believe the earth is flat too. I have asked the following question to these flat earthers, and you should see the stupid answers they came back with. I didn’t keep records at the time but the answer was waffle waffle waffle, or something like that. However, I will post the answers here for all the sane people to enjoy if ever I get in the mood again to go and annoy some people.

And if in the end they convince me they are right, you’ll see it on this website, with a full apology.

However, I don’t think I need be worried about that.

What was the question? Perhaps you can answer this in the comments.

So you believe the earth is flat. Where are the 6 mile deep retaining walls holding up the water at the edges? Send photos thanks….

The question I’ve yet to see answered, not withstanding the engineering report of the walls to retain the immense forces that must be against it. You’ve seen the forces from waves or tsunami’s over the years that has done massive damage to man made structures. These walls must be phenomenally strong and God Made to succeed.

Yet another suggestion: What these flat earthers can do is go and interview those who have sailed around the world, and ask them if they saw any retaining walls? Here’s one lady, Jessica Watson an Australian teenager at the time over 12 years ago. I think there are others mentioned in the story they could ask too.

Another suggestion to the flat earthers, go and join a cruise liner and work your way up to Captain. Then take the ship that is doing a world trip and send me the photos of the retaining walls. My email is advertised on this website, including all my contact details. Even go to my helpdesk and create a help ticket to make sure I get the photos if you want. I’ll sit here waiting for you.

I’ve seen the videos and the backend photos where the astronauts were filming in studios. Do men not think? Were they promotional videos, to make it seem more dramatic because a TV crew couldn’t join them and film professionally. Saving weight with not having big cameras is a good idea.

The earth has a hot lava right in the centre. I’ve yet to see images of that because scientists are estimating.

This will be a developing story and I will add links and information as I find them.

The final answer has to provided by someone with authority. Who better than Q?

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