I’ve been following Noah’s and Bo’s posts for a long time. Getting information from these two men, plus many other sources is why I have been fortunate or even charged with the knowledge that I have. It is also the reason that I have a strong resolve. The question you are asking me is the wrong question. Do not ask me how did you know all this information, but rather you should ask yourself a better and more appropriate question “Why didn’t I know this information?”.

This video and slide presentation I am judging right now to be the most important and timely events people should be aware of. That is why I decided to keep this one separate, and link the page above, rather than add on to this linked page I have been doing running updates.

You need to focus. I have warned many people about what Bo mentions in this video and slides.

Unlike Bo, I know what is coming, I don’t know the exact timing just like Bo, but I am planning to let everyone know (that I can possibly contact) at least 3 days up to 10 days prior.

God will make us all get on our knees. I have warned my wife that she and I will need to contact those we know to calm them down.

I will point everyone to a website themessages.com.au that I created for the upcoming 10 events.

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