Cornelia Hertzler said doctors discovered a blood clot in her infant son ‘within a few hours after’ a transfusion of blood from a general blood bank. 

Emily Mangiaracina Fri Dec 16, 2022 – 4:29 pm EST

SPOKANE, Washington (LifeSiteNews) —A baby boy in Washington state died of a large blood clot after a hospital gave him a blood transfusion from a general stockpile instead of from an unvaccinated donor, as his parents requested.

Soon after baby Alexander was born on January 3, 2022, his parents Cornelia Hertzler and Ron Bly discovered not only that his esophagus and trachea were abnormally connected, but that he had a heart condition — Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), in which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood are mixed — which required surgery for long-term survival.

In order to undergo neonatal heart surgery, Alexander was airlifted to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, a Catholic hospital (as confirmed to LifeSiteNews) where his parents made clear to the hospital that they “did not want any blood transfusions from the blood bank” because they “were worried about blood from vaccinated donors causing blood clots.”

Bly explained to Louisa Clary of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation on Thursday that their caution was provoked at least in part by the death of a friend who was in her 60s and was “very healthy,” but who “had a heart attack three days after getting the Moderna shot.”

After repeatedly telling the parents that using unvaccinated blood from a directed donor would be very difficult and “very expensive,” the “hospital finally conceded, the day before” Alexander’s first operation, “that all the family needed to do was fill out a few forms to accept and utilize blood from specific donors,” reported Brian Wilkins, editor in chief of The COVID Blog.

“Turns out, the entire process was relatively easy and inexpensive,” said Hertzler. However, as Bly pointed out to Clary, the hospital still “kept delaying and delaying on” providing the “paperwork to get directed donor blood.”

Thus, the paperwork was not processed in time for the parents to use the unvaccinated blood for a transfusion by the time of Alexander’s second operation. While the surgery itself did not require blood, Dr. Eleane Beadle determined that Alexander needed a blood transfusion the next day due to low hemoglobin levels.

“Instead of waiting a few more days for the blood we had donated to be fully processed and available,” the doctor used blood from a general blood bank for the transfusion, Bly told Clary.

Wikins has pointed out that Washington “had a 70% fully-vaccinated population by February 1, 2022, with 79% receiving at least one injection,” and so “there was a near 80% chance Alexander got vaxxed blood.”

The doctor “found the blood clot within a few hours after he got the transfusion,” Hertzler told Clary on Thursday.

Hertzler said that while previously, the doctors had told them that “blood clots are very rare” in a case like Alexander’s, after he got a blood clot, they said, “Well, this happens. But…it’s something a blood thinner can fix.”

“And the blood thinners — they had him on the highest dose they could give an infant. And it did nothing. [The clot] just kept growing really fast,” she went on. 

Hertzler believes that if the clot had been “normal,” then blood thinners would have helped dissolve it. She said that, “given our understanding” of the findings of abnormal clots in the vaxxed deceased, “we know that it’s not a normal blood clot.”

Bly explained in a fundraiser for Alexander that the clot grew to be “enormous,” and “eventually stretched from his left knee, all the way to his heart.”

A bacterial infection of MRSA “colonized the blood clot and no amount of medication nor antibiotics could shrink the clot or remove the infection.”

Baby Alex died 12 days after surgery, on February 17, 2022. He was buried in Walla Walla, Washington, after a Russian Orthodox funeral, Wilkins shared.

Bly later added on Alexander’s fundraiser page that his wife contacted Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and that the hospital “claim[ed] they can find no record of our son.”

Hertzler told Clary she had “emailed the records team” at the hospital and was sent a form to fill out and asked to submit her ID and any name that Alexander might be listed under.

“I sent my last name, his last name, like his legal name … and she tried every single name and couldn’t pull anything up and said, I can’t find any record of him being in our system.’”

LifeSiteNews contacted Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center on Thursday seeking information to “confirm a few facts” on a story about a baby born earlier this year at the hospital.

“I have no information regarding that and this conversation is terminated,” replied a hospital staffer.

Hertzler told Clary that Alexander has an “honorary birth certificate” because of long delays in obtaining his official birth certificate at his birth hospital, which she said was due to a staff absence.

New Zealand’s High Court has recently taken temporary guardianship of a four-month-old baby after his parents remained firm in demanding that only blood not tainted by the COVID-19 “vaccine” be used during surgery to repair their son’s heart defect.

A video showing when the child was taken by police from the parents has since gone viral, in which the mother can be heard weeping and pleading as the authorities take her child away.

Heart problems have arisen in droves following the rollout of the COVID vaccinations. One major new autopsy report found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after COVID vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. The report indicates that the deaths may stem from a vaccine-related autoimmune attack on the heart.

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