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I couldn’t have said it better. Below the video I have saved just a small portion of the 1,478 comments direct from the screwtube page (at time of writing it also had 115K views from 606K subscribers). I just highlighted the page and scrolled down. They are unedited for spelling and grammar, I have just not included their names which you can go and have a look yourself.

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I have saved a copy of this video. Let me know if it disappears and I’ll arrange for the back up to appear here magically!!

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Here are some comments, unaltered and saved just in case screwtube gets to understand how powerful this video is and does it’s tyrannical stuff. 53 paragraphs, 53 comments from different people.

Most Australians called Pauline Hanson Racist but as it turns out she was right all along.

People forget awfully quickly how terribly the Aussie govmt treated its citizens during the “pandemic”.

The welcome to country ceremony should be abolished. Australians grow a backbone and stand against this woke madness.

Tucker Carlson is 100% right about the Australian government.

My biggest problem with Australia is we seem apathetic to everything.

It’s about time someone who knows how to express themselves properly spoke up about the plot that is so obviously at foot in Australia right now. Thanks Tucker Carlson.

EVERY Australian needs to watch this! The woke madness has to stop.

I beg you Australia. LISTEN to this man . EVERYTHING he says is true. And I’m an English woman and currently living the nightmare!!

I’m a Australian … And I want to thank Tucker. Someone who is good with words, to bring down this left woke Australian government. Thank you Tucker

As a foreigner(Singaporean), I love Australia. Aussies are friendly, welcoming & have an amazing sense of humour. I’m a brown skinned guy & I’ve never felt out of place in Oz. The heart of Australia is the small towns that I love exploring. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and accepted. Resist the globalist agenda!

There’s no Australian government. But WEF representatives

If you can keep people always divided, they’ll never join forces to recognize their real enemy.

Australian politicians receive way too much credit for saying they are trying to fix problems they created.

Tucker is optimistic. The Victorian government is busily destroying he state right now.

The planes should instead show how Australian citizens were arrested for going ALONE to the beach during Covid and how normal citizens were put in quarantine concentration camps for 14 days and beaten to the ground by police. And they should show the raging insane eyes of your leaders when they introduced the tyrannical measurments during lockdown.

I am an indigenous Canadian and I can easily recognize that we are being used as political pawns in a bigger game and our people think unfortunately that they are finally being heard.

Australia lost my respect with their vaccine mandates.

Never ashamed of my country or ancestors One Australia 🇦🇺 As we are all Australians

Tucker is such a fresh breeze of wisdom, speaking truth.

Notice that even someone as honest and blunt as Tucker could never say these things until he was FIRED and is now free to speak his mind.

Making people feel guilty is a POWER PLAY!

Can we vote for Tucker to be our Prime Minister? He is the ONLY person to EVER SPEAK THE TRUTH about our own country..

You gave up your guns without a fight, Australia is already conquered….

It’s honestly horrible being told the truth ,wake up Australia 🇦🇺

Unfortunately Australia is quickly losing it’s Aussie Culture – You know it’s gone too far when the large Supermarkets no longer hold merchandise for Australia Day, yet have merchandise for foreign celebrations.

Tucker 100% correct. Australia needs to wake up

I wish we as Aussies didn’t have a culture of being so complacent. It feels like a giant number of us want to publicly stand up to what’s happening to Australia yet no one has the guts to make the first move. As long as we have our overtaxed beer, and our footy, we are happy to drift through life until we die.

Watched this speech and shared it with my family! Tucker is a legend! Australians have to stand up against this tyrannical bs!

Wow thank goodness we still have young people like yourself , love your country 🇦🇺

As an Australian i have been saying this for years . how many generations of birth deaths and marriages in Australia does it take to be given equal rights of the native peoples. ? The answer is I and my family will never be given equality . So disgraceful.. What’s crazy is when I say this I am looked at as a racist. I say your right you are being racist to me !!!!!!!!Show less

The Australian government, destroyed theirs selves by bowing down to the wef

Brother you are 100% correct and so is Tuchker he is a great man,,


It’s unfortunate for all of us who have had to live through the “woke” years.

What is wrong with the Australian people? Get your face’s out of your phones and wake up your phone is not the thing your lives are about family, freedom and democracy people 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Definitely one of the most powerful speakers of our time.

I was there that night. Tucker is one of those people who could keep me enthralled for hours. His outside perspective was very refreshing and eye opening.

Australians were an absolute disappointment to the entire world during covid. I have never seen people demand their own oppression as quickly as Australians did.

BRAVO – BRAVO – BRAVO to Tucker Carlson.

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10: 28

Australian politicians have too much power. Power corrupts. We need a Bill of Rights drawn up by Australians for Australians.

I’ve been a member of many sporting clubs for over 30 years, and in some cases almost 50 years since I was young kid. These clubs change their names in the middle of the season to “woke” names to virtue signal and do their “smoking ceremonies” every week to shove their “sorry” and “voice” narratives down my throat. I have quit every one of them in the past year as a result. I donated money to the ballet companies and attended performances for almost 35 years. When they did Swan Lake with a didgeridoo instead of a symphony orchestra, I stopped doing that . I shopped at Woolworths. When they did their voice overs on the loudspeakers spouting their “commitment to reconciliation” promoting their divisive politics, I stopped shopping there. The problem is most people just turn their backs and just accept it. It’s becoming impossible to celebrate Australia Day as an Australian. And that just empowers even more of these woketards to do this. Read more

He says what we all want to say. The only one that says it is Pauline Hanson. Everyone is too scared.


I am a brown immigrant from India to Australia who came here 20 years back legally, after meeting all criteria set by the government before setting foot on the land. I am as much Australian as anyone else (white, brown, black, yellow etc. and Aboriginal and in this country. I don’t like calling someone as ‘our ancestors’ or’our king’ because my ancestors are not from here and I was born in a country which is a democracy and where there’s no king/queen. No one should be forced to say these things. Australia is the sweetest spot in this Universe and Australians are fantastic people. No one should be forced to say things which they don’t believe in and mustn’t be forced to behave in a way which is not their true self unless it is illegal. Read more

Tucker Rocks….!!!! Come Back Again….!!!!!!!!! and Sooner rather than later…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray for the Australians. Liberal ideology has permeated that wonderful country for a long time now. I hope they can break free of that.

I knew all this stuff 10 years ago . takes a long time for people to wake up

“I’m sensing they don’t teach you this in Australian schools…?” … … … “uhHUHUAHAHAHUHUHUAHAHUH” I love his laugh

We Australians need an Australian to speak out like Tucker to start saving this great country of Australia.

Getting tired of hearing “violence is never the answer” – name one country in the history of ever that wasn’t formed by violence.

I’m holding history’s most effective surveillance device in my hand right now.

Make us feel guilty as they abandon Aboriginal kids and cimmunities.

The reason people go along is because they are weak people.

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