By accident or by design, rural Western Queensland has become a scene of what is reported by the mainstream media (MSM) to be an execution of police officers going about their daily duties. Their version of events is that Constables Matthew Arnold (26) and Rachel McCrow (29) were shot dead as they walked up the driveway of a property in Wieambilla, near Tara, approximately 300 kilometres West of Brisbane. Neighbour Alan Dare (58) was apparently shot in the back as he came to investigate the noise. Two other constables attending the scene managed to escape with their lives. 15 police officers allegedly later stormed the house where the purported perpetrators lived and shot them dead in a hail of bullets. The three people were Nathaniel Train (46), the missing person the police were stated to have been seeking, his brother Gareth Train (47), and Gareth’s wife Stacey Train (45) who co-owned the property.[1] Yet this explanation has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

A Queensland Psy-Op ?

The MSM reporting of this incident raises instant suspicion. Firstly, it is extremely unlikely that four police constables approached a house when they were supposedly only following up on a missing persons report. One, or perhaps two police officers is believable – but four, in the one vehicle? A missing persons report supposedly had been filed for Nathaniel, so one could assume that the officers would simply approach Gareth and Stacey at the home and ask if they have seen Nathaniel recently. Secondly, it is even more unlikely that these three people simply opened fire or “executed” the police as they approached the house. Even hardened criminals on the run are extremely unlikely to ambush police unless they themselves want to die.[2] Thirdly, video footage of the house where this incident supposedly took place was aired multiple times, yet no bullet holes and no broken windows could be seen.[3] No visible damage to the house where a deadly shootout with a “hail of bullets” took place?

Above: The Wieambilla property in Western Queensland where it is alleged a police ambush took place.

There are many more questions about what actually happened that need to be answered. This may have been a tragic incident which included loss of life. Yet the finger pointing which the MSM immediately engaged in raises the possibility that some kind of event may have been staged for nefarious political goals. The MSM promptly labelled the Trains as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers”, and attempted to slur the anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine mandate freedom movement as dangerous nutters who can become violent. Yet it was not only the millions of civilians in Australia who steadfastly resisted Covid vaccine mandates – some in the Queensland Police force did also. In the Queensland Police, the Covid vaccine mandates for officers were finally withdrawn on December 12 – the day of the Wieambilla shooting incident. Until that day, police officers in Queensland were mandated for four Covid vaccination shots.[4] Was the Wiembilla shoot out set up to drive home the message to recalcitrant police that the freedom movement was still dangerous? It is certainly possible that the shoot out was contrived to manufacture and sustain pro “pandemic” propaganda.

Tara “blockies”

The MSM is now also attempting to slur residents of nearby Tara as being potentially suspect for living “alternative lifestyles” – as if this is a crime – and thus being susceptible to taking on “conspiracy theories”. Tara “blockies” are those who purchase often cheap subdivided blocks of land, which may or may not be connected to water and electricity services, to build a house and/or live a life away from the hectic cities. Indeed, the horrifying repression of Covid lockdowns over the last three years has pushed some to move away from urban areas in an attempt to escape a return of state-imposed lockdowns and the nightmarish vaccine mandates. Certainly some in Tara were a part of the freedom movement – but given the depth and size of the freedom movement, there are supporters of this movement in every town and locality. The federal member of parliament for the seat of Warrego Ann Leahy tried to dissociate Tara from being a “conspiracy zone” when she claimed that there “were no freedom rallies here”.[5] The clear inference is that questioning the government on Covid, on lockdowns, on vaccine mandates is crazy, irrational and stands outside the Overton Window of acceptable debate.

Yet it appears that the town of Tara was beset by splits and bitterness during the time of Covid lockdowns – the same as virtually every town in Australia and the Western world. Even The Guardian reported comments which indicated that the pub and the bowls club in Tara were not allowing local residents into their establishments if they were not vaccinated.[6] Covid repression changed Tara, as some moved there, or fled there, to avoid ongoing lockdowns. Again, the strong implication from the MSM is that ANY questioning of Covid, ANY lack of trust in politicians, ANY thought that those in authority might be corrupt or out to harm people – is the product of “going down a rabbit hole”, isolation (which is drastically increased by lockdowns!), baseless and unsound. They are driving home ideology which says that everyone must accept what the government and the media are telling them without question, and that the police – despite enforcing brutal lockdowns – are simply doing their job.

The MSM attempts to paint Stacey Train as “weird” for simply refusing to accept a Covid vaccine mandate, and for resigning as a teacher instead.[7] Yet she was hardly in a small minority, as thousands of teachers in Queensland bravely resisted Covid vaccine mandates, in one way or another. The MSM media claims that Gareth Train posted “anti-government” and “anti-vaccination” material online[8] – along with millions of others! They claim that the Train’s refusal to accept Covid vaccinations is part of a “twisted back story” of their recent history[9] – which would make anyone objecting to being forcefully injected by the state with an untested formula “twisted”. Whatever happened at Wieambilla on December 12, the Trains were certainly not alone in questioning the nonsensical Covid narrative. In fact, the largest movement in Western political history which emerged challenged it head on.

“Far-right extremism”

In August 2021, Nathaniel Train apparently had a heart attack at work, and was lucky to survive.[10] After this he reportedly became disillusioned with the NSW Education Department and did not return to work after this point. Given the number of heart attacks linked to the rollout of the Covid vaccines, did Mr Train take a Covid vaccine as part of a mandate, suffer a cardiac arrest – and then joined the dots from there? We may never know. Yet the character assassination of the MSM continued, and even claimed that Mr Train “breached” state borders when they were locked down due to “Covid”.[11] This takes the cake. National and state border Covid closures were obviously not based on one whit of science but was rather an attempt to deliberately shut down economic activity and throw sections of the working class – and some small businesses – out of work. It is hardly a crime to “breach” utterly nonsensical, openly contradictory and arbitrary rules imposed with the flimsy excuse of Covid.

The Daily Mail went on to claim that Gareth and Stacey Train posted a Youtube video where they claimed to have shot the police that came for them, slandering them as “doomsday prepper cop killers”.[12] Conveniently, they state that the video has since been deleted – meaning no one can verify it. Channel 7 made a verbal claim that after the incident, police found tunnels and foxholes on the property, complete with an underground living quarters dug into the earth.[13] Unsurprisingly, no photographic or video evidence was provided, and the public is perhaps just expected to swallow this claim, as with the others. Other slurs were hurled at them, such as the claim that they were a “trio of loners”. Yet this term may then also apply to thousands of other residents in rural and regional Australia, who live in remote properties with the nearest neighbour located kilometres away.

Yet the most sinister invective weighed against the Trains – and by extension the entirety of the anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine mandate freedom movement – is the tendentious claim that the Wieambilla shootings highlight the supposed threat of “far-right extremism” even as lockdowns and vaccine mandates fade into the background. Last month, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO – the internal political police) Director General Mike Burgess was quoted as stating that while the threat of so-called Islamic terrorism had declined, there had been an increase in extremism fuelled by “diverse grievances, conspiracy theories and anti-authority ideologies”.[14] One can easily see how broadly this interpretation could be applied. In this context, this is an indirect reference to the freedom movement, which grew to enormous and history making size from 2020 to the early part of 2022.

When any protest against capitalist state repression, under a false pretext of “health” or otherwise, is officially labelled as a “conspiracy theory” or “anti-authority” or “far-right”, we have achieved an upside-down world. Only in the heads of the treacherous so-called left can a protest movement against the abolition of the most elementary of civil and democratic rights be depicted as “far-right extremism”. As if on cue, the Australian government went even further and started murmuring about the need to change terrorism laws.[15] The slippery slope is here illuminated. Beginning with concerns about fundamental democratic rights being eroded, protestors against being confined to effective house arrest on spurious medical grounds, vaccine mandates, facemask mandates, or mind-boggling restrictions on the freedom of movement – are derided as “conspiracy theorists”, who hold “anti-authority” beliefs, which flows into “far-right extremism” which is a form of “terrorism”. Voila! The exercise of bourgeois democratic rights – which first began to be won with the French Revolution of 1789 – are soon to be criminalised as “terrorism”. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Liberalism is the new danger

Six people may have lost their lives in Wieambilla on December 12 in violent circumstances. Or, it may have been a contrived false flag set up to alibi the actions of the authorities during the times of Covid repression. The gaping holes in the official version of the story retailed by the corporate media tends to indicate the latter. Whatever the case, it can scarcely be denied that it is being used by the government and all of their hangers-on to attempt to totally and forever discredit the very notion of working people defending the most rudimentary civil rights. Democratic entitlements, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, bodily autonomy, the right to legal redress – all of these and more must now be subordinated to the needs of the state. Or at least, such are the current tenets of liberalism, the ideology and politics of both the Covid and post-Covid world.

The crisis of imperialist capitalism is such that it can no longer allow working people the political rights it had won over the previous centuries. Nor can it guarantee jobs, housing, healthcare, education and a decent standard of living – if it ever did. This is one reason liberal reforms are, for the most part, now unable to be conceded even if fought for. Those wedded to the many forms of liberalism are convinced of its essentially progressive nature and cannot contemplate that it could ever be used for conservative, right-wing or fascist ends. Yet it has done, and is doing so now, by upholding the pillars of the liberal world order, a.k.a, the Great Reset or the New Normal. It is not a “conspiracy theory” if the government – through themselves or their agents – are carrying it out.

The ruling class can get away with employing liberalism as the new ideology and practice of totalitarianism principally due to the abject betrayal of working people by the old Union officials and the Covid left.[16] In a classic case of projection, the Covid left and the entire liberal milieu (the Labor Party, the Greens, the old Union officials, the self-described “socialist” parties, civil society NGOs etc., hurled accusations of “fascism” against the freedom movement – while they themselves defended the entirety of a rapidly degenerating plutocracy which did not hesitate to use fascistic measures to preserve the ancien regime.

What is urgently required is the building of a real left, a genuine workers party, which forever breaks with all traces of liberalism and its fake pandemics, false flags, lockdowns and other forms of totalitarianism. Capitalism produces its own gravedigger – the multi-racial and multi-ethnic proletariat, which has no interest in maintaining any form of exploitation. Guided by its vanguard party, the working class has the potential to end the tyranny of finance capital through its very own revolution.



E: workersleague@protonmail.com

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Queensland Police just called all Christians “terrorists”

In all of Australian history there has never been a more pressing need for its Christians to be unequivocally known and clearly heard in the public square, preaching the Gospel and the announcing the Kingdom of God with all the confidence and urgency Jesus commanded. He rebuked an inclination to hide our light, instead commanding it be as unmissable in public as a city on a hill.

This week the Queensland Police labelled the majority doctrine of Christians throughout the world as “a broad Christian fundamentalist belief system known as premillennialism” which, in their hatefully bigoted view, motivated the heinous crime which resulted in two police officers and a neighbour being murdered.

The Queensland police deputy commissioner, Tracy Linford, couldn’t have been more woefully ignorant of Christian doctrine if she’d been trying. How uneducated do you have to be to describe a millennium as “a thousand days”? This is how utterly clueless this organisation is, and she’s meant to be among the most deserving of promotion of them.

Describing the criminals as “Christian extremists”, Linford failed to offer any logical link between Christian doctrine and violently murdering police and neighbours. Such a link would be easy to draw, as it is with false religions whose founder was a murdering war lord terrorist with a track record to back up his explicit incitements to violence. But no such credible link exists in the fundamentals of Christianity.

Not one single terror event has ever in world history been attributed to premillennialism — the Scriptural teaching that Jesus is returning to earth the same way He departed, and will Himself establish a physical Kingdom on earth bringing peace and justice to every corner of the globe. There are eight times as many prophecies in Scripture regarding His Second Coming as there were specifically regarding His First Coming, which history proves was literally (not figuratively or allegorically) fulfilled. It is the persistant hope of the Church and the Great News of the Gospel.

This understanding has been around for nearly 200 years, and prevalent for many decades. There is more basis for prepper terrorism in the climate alarmism dogma preached by leftists, globalists and elitists than such orthodox Christian doctrine as premillenialism, so why isn’t the lying harlot media (LHM) blamed for this tragedy? That’s at least somewhat plausible.

Here’s what the ignoramuses/christophobes at Queensland police need to know about the fundamentals of Christianity before they grab the gun by the wrong end and say stupid things again.

“Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.” – Hebrews 13:17

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.” – Romans 13:1-7

“Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.” – 1 Peter 2:13-14

“Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” – Titus 3:1-2

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” – 1 Timothy 2:1-2

As ACL managing director, Martyn Iles also pointed out:

Jesus Himself submitted to Pilate’s judgement, acknowledging the man’s authority. He also said, “My kingdom is not of this world, or else my servants would fight.”

Premillennialism affirms the absolute authority of these scriptures.

We’re living in clown world.

In Ancient Rome, the authorities blamed Christianity for the evils of their day because they either hated it, or were totally ignorant concerning it.

I call on Deputy Commissioner Linford to point out where in premillennialism there is any authority given whatsoever for a person to use premeditated violence.

She can’t, because there isn’t.

The Australian Church and State Summit is an annual gathering of Christians from all denominations, without any partisan affiliation or loyalty, to learn about and encourage each other in preaching the Kingdom of God in the public square. There is, obviously, zero discussion or tolerance of premeditated violence as it is completely antithetical to authentic, well formed Christians.

The political revolution we preach is spiritual, moral and cultural – the exact same way William Wilberforce and the grassroots Christians of pre-Victorian England together prevailed against the establishment’s evil of liberalised slavery and proud indulgences in immorality.

John the Baptist operated like all Christians should: preaching the soon coming Messiah, baptising people unto repentance, rebuking the government for immorality in marriage, and teaching the Roman soldiers (government authorities) how to be Christian in the performance of their duties.

If we’re to believe the deputy commissioner is not exceptional in her ignorance or prejudice, it is abundantly clear how little the average citizen knows about Christianity, the fullness of the Gospel, or the God-designed implications of the Kingdom of God here and now in every city and nation in the world.

That is the Church’s fault, and the Church is not an institution, but every believer in the death, resurrection and Lordship of Jesus Christ. It’s on our watch that the most senior ranks of police don’t even know the Great News of the Second Coming, or the signs of His return.

Months ago I invited who I consider to be one of Australia’s best, most unifying and clear teachers of eschatology (the study of end times) to preach “the Great News” at this year’s Church And State Summit to be held 3-4 March in Brisbane. All unsold seats will be free for that Friday night, and the whole conference will be live streamed globally for free on the ADH TV app. Perhaps someone who knows her could invite the deputy commissioner to sit and learn in person, or at least watch every session on demand before presuming she or her armed boffins know anything about the fundamentals of Christianity.

On Saturday another eminent minister will teach on the Scriptural boundaries of protests against government, while a highly distinguished emeritus law professor will also teach on the legal foundations and proper parameters for civil disobedience. That looks nothing like terrorism or murder, because they are the polar opposite of true religion.

If someone donned a police uniform and robbed a bank after murdering the security guard while shouting, “Hand over the cash in the name of the law!” before making their getaway in a police car, no one would accuse them of being police “fundamentalists” – just frauds.

Church And State events around Australia are “arming Christians to influence culture”, not with swords or guns, hate or violence; but with clear preaching of the Gospel and Jesus Christ’s will and ways, the Kingdom of God: for the betterment of all humanity, maximal human flourishing and freedom.

It is up to right thinking believers who love their neighbours and nation to understand the times and not sit the culture war out. We can’t leave the direction of our culture up to those of lesser moral character and virtue who are delighted to have their agendas uncontested and paraded through the streets as though in some contorted, grotesque way, righteous.

We can’t let people like Daniel Andrews, Alex Greenwich or Tracy Linford pretend they are entitled to their own facts and implement their preferred vision of society. For the love of our neighbours, we must be, democratically, involved and influential in the public square.

The need is urgent. If you’re a Christian, don’t miss out on the Australian Church And State Summit.

“Wash yourselves and be clean!
    Get your sins out of my sight.
    Give up your evil ways.
Learn to do good.
    Seek justice.
Help the oppressed.
    Defend the cause of orphans.
    Fight for the rights of widows.” (Isaiah 1:16-17)

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Why would the Police Union want to buy this property? Let’s delve a little deeper shall we?

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14 Outpoints of Queensland’s Cop Killing

There are many things that don’t add up about the police shooting done by the Trains in Wieambilla south central Queensland. They shot and killed two police who were on their property then a special squad of cops came and killed them in a siege. When we look at all the irregularities below we can’t help but conclude that something other than the official story might have occurred there:

  1. Video released by the Train’s on Bitchute just after they shot the cops in which they claimed that the cops came to kill them. This is just odd, why did they think the police were coming to kill them? They didn’t say the police were there to arrest them, they weren’t worried about being taken away for questioning, they said the cops were there to kill them and that’s why they killed them first, very strange.
  2. On the day the shooting happened the mainstream media barely mentioned it. Two cops getting shot followed by a siege is a super hot news item, they should have cut to reporters live at the event and had chats with cops and witnesses for a decent chunk of the evening news, but from what I saw there was only 30 seconds spent on the shooting. To me, it indicates that the police didn’t allow the media near the event or give them any information while it was happening. The cops were doing information control, narrative control, they didn’t want the media seeing live what was happening. The next day when they had worked out the story they would tell the public, the official narrative story which makes them look good and which forwards their political agenda, only then we get massive media coverage which all forwarded the same story. When you are not doing anything shifty then you don’t need to keep the media out, it’s that simple.
  3. The bizarre welfare check/missing person lie. So the media initially reported that there was a welfare check on a missing person. How is that even possible? Think about it, a welfare check on a missing person, that’s an oxymoron, you are either searching for a missing person or you are doing a welfare check. You can’t do both, that to me reeked that a lie was occurring, and then yes later on we get the truth come out. Conveniently after all the funeral and vigil events were over we get the ABC reporting that the police went to the house to arrest Nathaniel Train on an outstanding warrant. This makes far more sense and now that we know this it makes us wonder why the welfare check lie was ever told in the first place. What were the cops trying to hide? Going there to arrest a man explains why there were four officers sent, it makes much more sense. A missing person or welfare check only needs one officer but an arrest needs four. This also explains why they jumped the fence off the property, an arrest allows for trespassing but welfare checks and searches don’t require that sort of intrusive behaviour on behalf of the cops. 
  4. Rookie cops were sent to the property. Now that we know that it wasn’t a missing person check and that the cops were there to do an arrest, it makes us question why at least two rookie cops were sent there. The man had a gun license and registered weapons, he was being arrested for breaching the border rules during the strict covid period a year ago when he drove over the border illegally and had some weapons in his car. So the cops 100% knew that arresting this man was not like arresting a 19-year-old who stole some Nike shoes from Northland. They knew this arrest required well trained officers and might be dangerous, yet they sent some new recruits there. Strange, and the man also posted online something like ‘if the cops ever come after me I’ve got weapons and il use them’ so they knew 100% without a doubt that this arrest job was going to require the best cops they had and might end up being dangerous, yet they sent inexperienced cops and two of them were female. This is odd, in fact this really makes me think there was some sort of set up or planning to this whole thing.
  5. According to the ABC the police had made numerous visits to the property. This is very interesting because there are rumours that the police were harassing him and getting helicopters to fly over the property. Why did the man make that online post threatening the cops if they came after him? Had he already been getting harassed by them at that stage and was annoyed and this is what made him make the post? Think what would make someone want to shoot cops? Why would some people do something so extreme? Why did the cops try and pass off the visit as a welfare check? Are they trying to cover up that they had been harassing the Train’s for months? Remember there’s always two sides to a story.
  6. An American friend of the Trains offered them asylum in Arizona before the shooting happened. Another very strange thing, why would the friend offer them asylum? Did he know about the police harassment they were supposedly receiving and felt sorry for them? These little bits of evidence are all coming together. Were they harassing mentally unstable people who they knew had weapons and weren’t afraid of using them? A little bit of agent provocation you could say.
  7. The police and government workers kept repeating how the shooters were anti-vax conspiracy theorists in a clear propaganda campaign. I’m sure the shooters might have been fans of Toyota cars but does that mean that all Toyota drivers are bad and might shoot people? The Government’s propaganda machine switched on to pump out the idea that conspiracy theorists are evil and that they need to be monitored by the intelligence agencies and that people need to dob them in. This to me indicates that they wanted to dirty the reputation of the freedom movement with this shooting, to increase the activity and budgets of the intelligence agencies and police so that they can shut down the movement better.
  8. All of the shooters got killed. This is odd I think because the police have way more resources and could simply stake out the property until the shooters gave up. They could have been peaceful and stood around the property fence and waited until the shooters calmed down and surrendered. Then we could have had them be arrested and a full court case with all the details would occur and then a punishment delivered, that’s the legal routine that’s supposed to occur when people break the law. But in this case the shooters are all dead, there will be no court case, no hearing of the other side’s point of view. To me this is a white wash. I think the cops didn’t want a court case, the cops didn’t want the shooters to be heard. I assume that a squad of well trained cops rocked up and slaughtered the shooters when they didn’t have to. This is actually illegal behaviour on behalf of the cops, but it doesn’t surprise me at all because they do this all the time. They control the system so they don’t ever punish themselves. They simply say ‘he shot at me first’ and then they have their excuse for just murdering someone who actually didn’t need to be killed only to be arrested. I have seen the police rock up to peaceful protests and instigate violence and cause chaos, I think something like that might have happened with the Trains, if they were left alone I doubt there would have been any shooting.
  9. The neighbour was shot dead I don’t see why the shooters would want to kill their own neighbour and now the neighbours house has been burnt down. This indicates to me a possible erasure of evidence. The neighbour had to be silenced.
  10. No criminal history amongst shooters. This is odd, the shooters don’t really have any history of being aggressive, evil or criminal like. Makes us wonder what caused them to suddenly decide to kill cops. Makes me think they were subject to some serious harassment which the cops wouldn’t tell us about because it would make them look bad.
  11. The police are pushing for a national police database. They are using this shooting as an excuse to unite each states police forces together so that they are effectively one big police force. Our national intelligence agencies’ job is to actually get rid of state rights and make one big national government that has full control of all the states, makes sense why they would want this shooting to happen. 
  12. One of the shooters had contacted One Nation’s Mark Latham in his capacity as a school principal. Our intelligence agency has been doing a long-term operation on the One Nation political party to keep them small and never get into power. They manipulate our elections and being pushers of radical socialism they have to shut down rebel parties like One Nation. By claiming he had some sort of involvement with One Nation helps dirty the reputation of that party and any other freedom party. It encourages the mainstream parties to not communicate with conspiracy theorists.  
  13. The police suggested purchasing the Train’s property to stop anti vaxers from establishing a community there. How interesting? The government has a long history of bullying, attacking and trying to break up rural communities of independent people. Waco and Ruby Ridge are examples. The government doesn’t like it when people break away from the radical socialist governments we live under and become sovereign citizens who just do their own thing in the middle of nowhere.
  14. The government wants to put a gas pipeline through the Train’s property. I don’t know much about this just heard it going around.

These irregularities need to be discussed and questions asked rather than the just the story the government and police are telling the public which is to dob anyone you know who believes in conspiracy theories.

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Response to WieambillaTragedy

Like all of you, we are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragedy which unfolded in the
rural Queensland town of Wieambilla on December 12.

You’ve probably also noticed we aren’t proactively making public statements or actively
appearing in the media about the issue, and we want to let you – our members and
supporters – understand why.

The simple reason is there are still a LOT of unanswered questions about – among other
things – exactly what happened, how the murderers obtained the firearms, and whether or
not there were warning signs missed by intelligence agencies.

Between a lack of accurate information and emotions running high over the tragedy, it
simply isn’t responsible or productive to be getting into public debates right now.
Please don’t mistake our relative absence from the media and social media silence for
inaction, though.

Unlike talking heads in the media thriving on attention, we are ensuring we have all the
facts before we wade into public arena on this issue, so we are commenting from an
informed, respectful and measured standpoint.

We are monitoring every news story on the tragedy, and assembling facts and data to
address issues we are seeing in them for when it is practical to get involved publicly.
We are responding to media enquiries and have been reiterating what we have said here:
No-one has all the facts, people are understandably emotional about the tragedy, and it
doesn’t help anyone for people to contribute to the discussion without the complete story

You may have noticed the narrative quickly shifting in coverage, too. Certain police
representatives were quick to be calling for changes to mental health elements of firearms
licences, until it turned out none of the murderers had Queensland gun licences – at which
point the talking points shifted to “We need a national firearms registry”. By the time you
read this, the focus may have shifted once again.

We also note there are current and former serving police officers are raising some very
serious questions, such as in this paywalled story in The Courier-Mail where Dr Terry
Goldsworthy asks:

  • Who contacted the NSW police and asked for the missing person inquiry?
  • Why were two crews dispatched from different stations for a simple missing person
  • What intelligence holdings did the police have and were the young police attending
    properly briefed?
  • Why were four officers with only a few of years’ service between them sent?
  • Why was there no senior officer present?
  • Why does it appear that the offenders were prepared to attack the police when they
  • What motivated these killers to engage in such horrendous actions? :

We share those questions ourselves, and are pleased to see them being raised as they
need to be asked.

In the meantime, please be assured we are not sticking our heads in the sand or hoping
this matter goes away – we are, and will always continue to be, actively standing up for
law-abiding firearms users throughout Australia.

Yours in shooting,
The Shooters Union National Executive


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