I made the following comment on Pfizer’s “FDA Approved” COVID Shot Will Never Be AvailableAustralia’s TGA adopted the exact same approval procedure as the USA. This includes the hospital protocols. Do NOT attend a Hospital in Australia if you have covid (supposedly – remember the PCR test is FAKE) and they want to put you in hospital with a ventilator. Their system I believe from all the information to hand is designed to kill you not cure you.
These unelected Tyrants will not get away from all this without accountability. As mentioned in the We are going to come for them article, where I list names of known Tyrants (being updated regularly) if no one takes action I will.

David Ashton webmaster

Australian Doctors are being silenced, if everything was above board
there would be no need for this Tyrannical action.

Big Pharma will face a day of reckoning: see this page

Update 30 December 2022 – Covid Enquiry 2.0 by Senator Malcolm Roberts

I uploaded to Rumble this video which fixes the above out of sync video

Youtube video is below. Wayback machine has archived the video so let me know via helpdesk if Screwtube deletes it and I’ll restore the video.
This is interesting to listen to. We know that sun screen has been quite controversial over the years. Take a listen to what this medical intuitive has to say….. (Uploaded to Rumble see below)

Rumble video of Sun Creams Exposed

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