WEF Says 2024 Davos Event Will Be about Rebuilding ‘Trust’

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering at Davos, Switzerland, in 2024 will centralized around rebuilding “trust,” according to the event’s organizers.

The 54th Annual Meeting was outlined in a partial release, saying it will “provide a crucial space to focus on the fundamental principles driving trust, including transparency, consistency and accountability.”

The introduction details how government officials worldwide will run shoulders with unelected representatives wishing to shape the world’s future.

The WEF wrote on its official website:

“This Annual Meeting will welcome over 100 governments, all major international organizations, 1000 Forum’s Partners, as well as civil society leaders, experts, youth representatives, social entrepreneurs, and news outlets.”

The motto of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, 15 – 19 January 2024, is..

‘Rebuilding Trust’ .. you can’t make this up. pic.twitter.com/SwLrYAZhM5— CR1337 (@cryptonator1337) January 2, 2024

Twitter account seems to be deleted – interesting

However, details on who is attending are still to be determined.

The meeting offers a secretive backroom deal-making by business leaders in the luxurious ski resort.

The WEF now rakes in $390 million every year as it seeks to boost its economic power and achieve political and social control.

The WEF event focuses on calling on the West to reduce carbon footprints and meat consumption.

This year looks like it will be no different.

Last year, the United Nations (UN) called on America and the West to dramatically reduce meat consumption as they align with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) climate goals for 2030.

The Daily Fetched reported:

The UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is set to publish a new global food systems roadmap for the upcoming COP28 climate summit in Dubai this Thursday.

FAO will demand that America and other nations that “over-consume meat” limit their meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change, according to Bloomberg.

Jeremy Coller, the chair and founder of the FAIRR Initiative, said in a recent statement:

“The failure of leading meat and dairy companies to reduce emissions underlines the urgent need for more policy focus on the food and agriculture sector.”

“Food system emissions deserve a place at the top of the table, alongside energy and transport, as they represent an estimated third of greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of methane,” he continued.

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