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The headline is strong words isn’t it?

Well yes I believe I had to go full on, no political correctness to get your attention.

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My video is for adults only due to some expletives that came out that I’m not going to bleep out. Toughen up, the days of political correctness, which is one reason why we are in the mess we are in, are over.

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Maria Zeee delivers a special report on UN 30 By 30, UNDRIP, detailing how the globalists plan to achieve their worldwide land-grab of at least 30% by 2030, forcing everyone into smart cities and killing anyone in their way. This report is relevant to every person on earth but is ESPECIALLY important for Australians right now as it relates to ‘The Voice.’

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PDF linked to UN webpage is downloadable here. Let me know via helpdesk if PDF is ever taken down as I have a backup copy.


The following You Tube videos were mentioned in my video. Watch the full versions below.

Maria Zee mentioned they will legislate it regardless of what Australians said
Albanese full speech
Dutton full speech
Credlins full video
Global Wealth Club full video
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Of course, after I created my video, more proof of what I’m stating, Maria is stating, David Icke has confirmed has come to light so is listed below.

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Telegram backup as an image
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So now we know what companies are last on our shopping list. The USA is doing this, so should Australia.
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Proof: The Media Lies to all of us

I watched a MSM News report yesterday showing the bombing of a Hospital in Gaza. The following video and images tells you everything you need to know.

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