A thought came to my mind watching these TV adverts. I had read previously about some side effects of the mRNA covid 19 death jabs during my research.

Astrazeneca had a side effect of Shingles apparently.

My son-in-law had recently contracted shingles and I knew he was jabbed, because me being unvaxxed to the death jab was a major issue with my family resulting in me being black-banned, being called selfish, you name it – it was done to me just like the rest of those who were intelligent to think clearly without fear.

I was not allowed / and still am restricted to visit my new granddaughter because of my daughters and her husbands fear that has clouded their judgement.

So if you are a 100% supporter of this death jab, are you thinking I am an anti-vaxxer?

No way! Here’s proof that I’m not – I have listed my immunisation record for all to see having received my latest vaccine April 2022. I don’t want my granddaughter getting sick because of me. You may think I’m nuts providing personal info online, but my info is available on my websites in the interests of transparency, because I sell goods and services online via my sites.

OK, so now you know for absolute proof I’m not an anti-vaxxer, what I had done is research the hell out of the Covid 19 death jab and decided I wouldn’t take it. I told all my family, friends and my employer I wouldn’t take it and there was no way you would force me to.

It is one of those situations where I didn’t want to be right, telling my family you’ll all be dead within 3 years was one hell of a low point in my life. I tried to scare them into not taking it but they ignored me. But now the evidence is coming out. I’m hopeful the 10 secrets starts soon because everyone will be cured of all ailments.

There are lots of people, mainly young that are dying suddenly. You do your own research on this.

Anyway, I’m a little off topic so let me get back to why I am writing this article.

Don’t you think it strange that advertisements started coming out about shingles all of a sudden? It is an old mans disease – or at least it was until the death jabs came about.

I thought it was weird.

I had on my bucket list to get onto YouTube and download the TV advert and place it here before it was gone, plus put my thoughts about it down onto “paper”.

Well, wouldn’t you believe it, when I started to read the comments, there were others that thought like me too. They too thought it was weird.

And the ads appear to be habbening all over the world. So I’ve placed a pdf below the screwtube video to keep a permanent record. At time of writing the video hasn’t been backed up by the wayback machine, so I have downloaded it. Let me know via my helpdesk if the video is gone, and I’ll upload my backup.

Check out the comments on ScrewTube.

You do your own research on “NSW Shingles Advert” and see how many videos pop up. It is habbening worldwide. That’s weird isn’t it!!

So in signing off on this topic today, what do I think? I believe they are brainwashing you to believe that shingles is just a normal part of life now, and there is no way the death jab is causing it.

Sure – and I am the King of England.

David Ashton
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